June 19, 2024

Top 6 Hottest Marketing Aspect Trends for the year 2023

Top 6 Hottest Marketing Aspect Trends for the year 2023

Marketing Aspect – Looking to the future of marketing, you’re likely thinking about what it’s going to take in order to stay relevant. And while technologies are often the first thing that come to our minds, there are ten more trends that marketers should be aware of in order to weather the coming storm.

Top 6 Hottest Marketing Aspect Trends

Trend 1: Automation

Automation is the number one trend for marketing in 2023. In just six years, 38% of marketing professionals have experienced an automation issue due to a technological shift.But while automation could cut costs for marketers, it’s not all good news. According to a 2018 survey from Comparably , automation could lead to higher costs and loss of productivity for marketers by making people more dependent on machines than their coworkers (which then leads into yet another consumer concern about their job security). However, the survey also showed that an overwhelming majority of marketers (75%) believe automation will lead to greater efficiency in the future.

Trend 2: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the number two marketing trend for 2023. But just as artificial intelligence’s success depends on its ability to learn and change, so do people’s views on AI. Not only do many people disagree that AI and automation are inherently good , 67% of marketing professionals note that they want the next generation of tech to be more ethical than the last . Their input may help accelerate the development of new technologies, but it also highlights a major concern: many people don’t think AI can be trusted. It’s that lack of trust that will make AI a challenge for marketers trying to sell to consumers. After all, if someone doesn’t trust your AI and automation, they won’t purchase from you.

Trend 3: The Transparency Question

We all want transparency in our marketing efforts, but when it comes to artificial intelligence and automation , most people don’t want too much transparency . According to a 2018 study from IBM , 82% of respondents believe that intelligent machines should be transparent about their reasoning. And 82% of marketers agree with them. But 41% of marketer respondents also agreed that artificial intelligence is a good thing, which means there’s hope for those looking for transparency with automation. However, 33% of people surveyed still don’t think AI will be trustworthy in the future.

Trend 4: Consumers Want Personalized Marketing

One of the most difficult challenges a marketer has to deal with is managing their personal and private information . For example, 77% percent of respondents to an IBM study believe that all marketing should be more personal and tailored, which means marketers have a big task ahead of them. And 68% of marketers indicate they want more automated interactions with consumers, which means there’s a lot of work to be done on both sides before the relationship will truly be established.

Trend 5: Boost Your Internal Diversity

Much like with marketing, diverse internal teams are necessary for stronger business growth. And with the 2020 presidential election not too far away, the need to address diversity in politics is getting attention across brands. But there’s a bit of a contradiction here, as 76% of marketers agree that corporations do enough to combat unethical behavior and discrimination . However, 55% of marketers also agree that those who look different from us are a threat to society and should be watched , which means they don’t think we have all the information needed in order to make strong social decisions. It’s this cultural growth that marketers will need to focus on in the next few years in order to be successful. While it’s never too late for improvement, marketers should make an effort to become more diverse both internally and externally . Diversity can lead to greater creativity and efficiency within a team.

Trend 6: Deep Learning In Marketing Is Coming

Deep learning is another technology that makes the list of top marketing trends for the year 2023. The technology works by finding patterns within data, which means that it could be used in many different ways. For example, deep learning could be used to create more personalized online ads when someone searches online. While the ability to personalize advertisements has potential, the AI could also lead to concerns about false advertising . For example, if someone searches for a product or brand name that isn’t available and doesn’t see any other similar results, it could lead them to believe it does exist and is available for sale. This extra customized information about a product could lead consumers to spend more money on it, which would then make it difficult for smaller brands to compete with larger companies.


While automation and AI may not be trustworthy yet and it might not be able to provide marketers with a crystal ball for the future, it is an opportunity for brands to create new types of content . And with nearly 50% of marketers indicating that they plan on automating customer service interactions , it’s an opportunity for empowered consumers to continue influencing the digital marketplace.

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