June 24, 2024

Ten Bizarre Marketing Kits Facts You Need to Know to Speedup

Ten Bizarre Marketing Kits Facts You Need to Know to Speedup

Marketing kits are a great way for businesses to network and promote their products, but most people know very little about them.

This list of 10 Bizarre Marketing Kits Facts You Need to Know will help you get up to speed.

1. If you want your kit seen by as many people as possible, choose a product that’s relevant to the vast majority of people in your industry: Clothing (and fashion), personal care, appliances and electronics. These items are more likely to be popular with the general population than specialty items like grooming products or knives.

2. Most people who receive marketing kits toss them in the trash unopened. The best way to maximize your promotional opportunities is to think outside the box when designing your materials. For example, most people throw away bags of candy and flyers, so printing your flyer on a gift card might give it a better chance of being opened and utilized. A similar trick might be turning your brochure into a decorative magnet for refrigerators.

3. There are many industries that use marketing kits very frequently for different purposes:

• Restaurants: Give away cards with coupons or discounts during the busy lunch hour to drive sales during that time frame, which is usually slower than dinner or other periods of the day.

• Repair or service providers: Give away the service business cards to clients and prospective clients, so they have a convenient way to contact your company.

• Retail outings: Show off your business by giving out free samples or giveaways of your products at popular shopping centers and shopping malls.

• Property management services: Give out business cards as gifts to former tenants in order to generate repeat business. Give one with each new lead you get from a former tenant who was previously unaware of your services.

4. If you use promotional materials like brochures and books, make sure that they are printed on high quality paper that can be personalized and written on easily by hand (not photocopies). Some brochures and books can be laser-printed on specialty paper that is washable, but remember these materials are not going to be practical for customers who want to use them often; they are designed to give away or hand out during specific events.

5. Choose a product that the customer wants and ask for it in advance. This will make your kit more likely to be received enthusiastically, because you have their interest at stake.

6. If you do decide to provide customers with items like vitamins or personal care products, consider making them a promo item rather than a standard part of your promotional kit.

7. Do not send out marketing kits that you have no intention of using; instead, focus on sending them to people who are going to be a good fit for your product or service. For example, if you found out that the person who lives in the house next door is a pilot looking to buy a new plane this summer, send him your kit with information about his new toy!

8. Business cards and brochures are valuable tools for networking and promoting yourself or your company. Do not let them go to waste just because they are a little unusual.

9. Include photos of the people working at your company on the back of business cards and brochures, if you can. This will make your company seem more personable, and most customers prefer to do business with a company that has friendly, smiling faces working there.

10. Anyone who has ever watched late night infomercials is probably familiar with the concept of marketing kits in general, but few people actually understand what they are or how they work.


Marketing kits have come a long way from their roots in the sales transaction. Today, there are many different types of marketing kits, and they are being utilized by businesses for all sorts of different purposes.

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