April 19, 2024

Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Handle Worker’s Compensation And Labor Law Cases?

Can A Personal Injury Lawyer Handle Worker’s Compensation And Labor Law Cases?

It is a fact that a personal injury lawyer can deal with numerous law-related tasks. They deal with several instances and scenarios that require legal and general knowledge to assist their clients. But some people do not think that a personal injury lawyer can handle cases that involve workers’ compensation and labor law violations. That is what we are here to find out right away to answer the question once and for all. We better get started.

But first off, what exactly is a personal injury lawyer? Imagine that you are out with friends on a nice summer day. You take a walk at the park when you suddenly slip as you step on a wet portion of the pavement. You hit your head, and it seems you now have to go to the hospital. On the way there, you feel as if there should have been a sign back there for people to see. Now you think that local authorities are responsible for your sudden accident. You know what? It is okay to feel that someone should be held liable. After all, such an accident is an example of a personal injury. A personal injury lawyer can help you if that is the case.

However, a personal injury lawyer and their responsibilities do not stop there. They have a lot of things to do to make sure a client gets all the compensation they deserve. Such tasks include the following:

Rights education

A personal injury lawyer can discuss and educate a person of their rights. That means any client can learn their rights so they know what to do later when something happens. This aspect is also one way for clients to protect themselves against scammers and other criminals.

Crime scene investigation

You read that right. A personal injury lawyer will handle crime scenes and gather evidence for later use. 

Witness inquiry

A personal injury lawyer will also talk with potential witnesses who might have valuable information to share regarding an incident.

Defective product safekeeping and analysis

Another role a personal injury lawyer has is to analyze defective products that may have caused one or several injuries to a person.

Court representation

One of the more crucial roles of a personal injury lawyer is to represent their client in a court of law. They will present their case and showcase evidence and collected data to win a case.

It comes as no surprise that a personal injury lawyer has a lot on their plate. But let us head back to the question. How about labor laws and worker compensation? The short answer is a hundred percent yes. You can hire a personal injury lawyer to deal with these types of cases. 

For workers compensation

A personal injury lawyer will help an individual or two to acquire any workers’ compensation that belongs to them. If a person becomes injured or disabled as a part of their job, they can get legal assistance. A lawyer will also explain the difference between workers’ compensation and unemployment benefits to a client. A lot of people confuse the concepts as nothing but the same. In addition, a personal injury lawyer will explain in detail what kind of worker compensation a victim may claim. There exist four types of workers’ compensation, and unfortunately, not all companies and organizations thoroughly discuss them with their employees.

For labor law violations

It is the same game regarding labor law violations. Clients should elaborate on what kind of labor law violation they want to claim for overall. Once they cannot, a personal injury lawyer steps in and considers their case. Once they make sure that the circumstances are ideal, that is when things can proceed. Like workers’ compensation, there are several kinds of labor law violations. So it is paramount that anyone who files a claim should have an understanding of such violations.

The neat thing about working with a personal injury lawyer is that you do not have to go far to look for such a professional. The first thing you can do is go to a local law firm for your claim. For example, you are looking for an ideal workers’ compensation attorney in Summerville. The workers in a firm will be more than willing to give you a hand with your questions and a possible case. 

The next option is to take the power of the internet for your search. Like most services these days, you will find dozens and dozens of law firm websites. These online platforms, including Joye Law Firm, will handle any inquiries and questions you might have. They will also entertain you if you have a plan to file a claim. 

It is up to you to look for the appropriate legal specialist who can deal with your claim and other related matters. Once you decide to hire one, it will be smooth sailing from there onward. 

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