May 30, 2024

When to Hire a Custody Lawyer?

When to Hire a Custody Lawyer?

Imagine fighting over who gets your child! Even the thought of it is overwhelming, let alone physically battling over it. Lawyers who help parents fight for their children’s primary care are custody lawyers. Their field of work includes visitation rights, child support, and custody schedules. Following are a few scenarios where they are hired.

When Co-Parent Hires a Lawyer

Assuming the other spouse is consulting with custody lawyers in Houston, it is time you do the same to balance the power dynamic. These lawyers are experts in child custody matters while presenting the client’s perspectives. They have the formal training to handle matters expertly.

Custody lawyers also understand the procedures in court. They are familiar with them due to handling similar cases in their professional past. Assuming you cannot afford a custody lawyer. In that case, consult a lawyer for the best course of action.


Another scenario where you need a custody lawyer is if your ex-spouse or co-parent moves to another state or country. It happens. However, the challenge is figuring out how to parent the child together while the two individuals live far apart.

Legally speaking, child support and visitation are not mutually exclusive. A parent is obligated to pay for child support and expenses regardless of whether the co-parent can visit.

Laws are similar in most states. However, the result is dependent on complications and physical presence. A custody lawyer will help its client expertly navigate through the legal complications and offer advice to resolve the matter in a sane manner. They will also provide insight into the routine operations and how custody wars can be avoided.

Abuse or Drug Use

Domestic violence and child abuse are bitter realities most of us turn a blind eye to. A custody lawyer will inquire about your abusive past. The client must prepare themselves to answer the questions honestly, no matter how brutal they are. 

Claiming a parent is an avid drug user will not stop the court from visiting their child. The court will order the parent to attend a rehabilitation institution to become sober. 

We certainly advise against walking into mediation meetings if the scenario mentioned above is your reality. A lawyer will provide the necessary legal aid by presenting abuse evidence. Some of these lawyers take on the cases for free if they work with a legal aid organization.

Child custody is a very sensitive matter. No wonder it can become very heated with name-calling or blaming each other for negligence. Assuming you have a history of intoxicants and drinking or have an arrest record, it would be wise to hire a lawyer. They will ensure your previous encounters do not negatively impact the legal custody hearings. 

Cooperate With Your Child Custody Lawyer!

Regardless of the nature of legal assistance, the lawyer will present you with an agreement that defines the responsibilities of everyone. It will also include the fee structure and policies the client must adhere to. Remember to talk with the lawyer in detail during the first meeting.

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