April 15, 2024
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Fascinating Technology Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

Fascinating Technology Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

Technology is already shaping the way we live, learn, and do business. 

But as it evolves and innovates at a rapid pace, new ways emerge to make businesses even more successful.

Technology is especially important to small business owners because it provides them with opportunities that big companies could never undertake 

— like Clicks & Mortar — where customers can buy items online and then pick them up in store. 

It’s also created an easier way for entrepreneurs to grow their enterprises: through the use of pre-order crowdfunding campaigns

 that allow them to raise money before they even produce anything! 

Today we’ll explore all the ways technology has changed how we can thrive as entrepreneurs.

Faster and Fiercer Competition

In the same way that nature has limits to how much food a plant can produce,

 there are limits to how much energy it can produce. To ensure that plants produce enough energy for themselves,

 they have a built-in mechanism for photosynthesis. The sun’s rays reach their highest peak in the summer months; and when plants work harder, they grow faster.

The same is true of digital technology. As smartphones and touchscreens become faster, they allow us to do more at the same time

 such as watch and listen to live television while texting or emailing with friends.

As a result, entrepreneurs have to work harder to outrun their competitors and get a share of the market.

 It’s like that moment in a race where the pack has been running together, but then one runner suddenly accelerates and leaves the others behind.

Marketing Technology: Increasing Your Reach with Social Media

In today’s world, social media is everywhere. 

We use it as individuals and businesses to connect with people across the globe and target specific demographics based on interests, location, or gender. 

With so many options to choose from, how do businesses turn to the most effective ways of getting their message across? 

They use social media marketing.

For example, companies can use Facebook to communicate with existing customers and potential customers in order to keep them loyal. 

They do this by making sure they have an attractive Facebook page that’s easy to find, with the right title, username and cover photo.  Additionally, it’s simple to create a Facebook cover collage that will stand out.

 They also want to make sure they have a strong presence on Instagram,

 so their followers can see photos of their products and even upload photos of what their customers look like who are wearing or using their brands.

They can also use Facebook Live to broadcast live video content on Facebook as well as through Periscope and Twitter. 

Live videos are a great way to connect with viewers in real time, share new products and services, and engage

 in discussion with customers through watching, commenting and even liking posts.

Entertainment Technology: Engaging Customers with Apps

Chances are, your customers like to play, too. 

So if you can give them a reason to use your brand via games or entertaining videos,

 they’ll be more likely to engage and get invested. Whether you’re using mobile games, Facebook apps or YouTube videos, 

there are a lot of ways to keep your target audience interested.

For example, Flat Army uses video interviews posted on YouTube with self-described “real people” 

who talk about their jobs in the Army. It’s not a typical recruiting video, but it’s relatable and entertaining, 

which can encourage viewers to research the Army.

If you want to reach out to people on a more personal level, a mobile game might be the way to go. 

You can create your own app or partner with an existing app publisher like Game Insight or GameOn.

Game apps can also be useful for sports and entertainment  like creating Pokémon Go 

 so potential customers can live out their fantasies in the digital world. 

It makes them feel invested in your brand and encourages them to become customers in real life, too.

Hands-On Tech: Providing Your Customers with a Better Experience

All these new ways to engage customers have created an enormous, global audience and all you need is a small business. 

These days, people on the go demand to be able to do more of their tasks online, like buying things and managing their finances.

But sometimes the experience doesn’t live up to our expectations.

 In fact, according to a study by Edelman Digital, 57 percent of consumers are letting companies know they’re dissatisfied through social media. 

And they’re not just complaining; they’re saying what businesses can do better in order to persuade them that they should improve as much as possible.

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