May 28, 2024

Story of Faraway Place where Things are Kept

Story of Faraway Place where Things are Kept

This post tells the story of a place where things are kept and how people living there come to know and care for one another.

 It is about light and dark, mountains, rivers, stars and sun. It’s about love and life. 

Within these pages you will find adventure; you will also learn what it means to be content with who we are.

Throughout the world people who live in places called communities like this one share their stories. 

Unlike the stories you are used to hearing, they are true and they come from many countries in the world.

I am writing this in honor of where I was born and raised, which is not a Faraway Place. 

My parents came here almost fifty years ago and stayed for about twenty years, before moving on to other places. 

To me it was perfect.

 It was home, a place where people knew each other by name and not just as the people who lived next door. 

Where families hung out together, always knowing that someone would bring out the ice cream if there was a party. 

When it was time to play baseball or kick the ball around, you knew there would be others on the field. 

No one was ever alone. Everyone had a place in this small town named Dunnrock, which is located in central Oregon between the Deschutes and Crooked Rivers.

A house made of clay built into the side of a mountain

There are some people who are born into families that take care of things forever and pass them on to each other. 

Sometimes these things are old rusted things that no longer work and no one knows what they are supposed to do with them, 

but they keep them anyway because they have always kept them , just like their grandmothers kept them before they passed away, many years ago. 

Other times,

 these things are new and shiny, like a chainsaw or a toy or a chocolate truffle. 

Sometimes they are very small and weigh almost nothing. Sometimes they are so heavy that 

they cannot be moved because they have been in the same place for hundreds of years. 

Sometimes the keeper of the thing doesn’t want to pass it down to anyone because it is too big 

heavy to move, and it cannot be sold for money, which is what most people want.

Most of the time people try to make sure that there are enough special things like this so that everyone has at least one. 

Some people have many of these things and they are very happy. 

Other times nobody has any of these special things that are kept forever, or everyone has them and then no one needs them anymore, 

or someone takes all the special things away from someone else because it has become their turn to do so. 

Sometimes there is a person who does not want to take care of the thing but someone else does it for him anyway because 

it is their job to do so, but then this other person does not know how to take care of the new thing and somebody else has to do that too.

In this small town where I am from, all of these things are kept together in one place, that is also called Dunnrock

It is a big place that has many things inside of it. 

Not just one person or even one family can be responsible for taking care of everything by themselves.

 Sometimes people have to work side by side with their friends and neighbors 

to make sure that everyone can do the best possible job taking care of the special things. 

 the faraway place where things are keptThere are many people who live there so there is always someone around to take care of something; 

sometimes some people like to help others find the perfect thing to keep them happy and content . 

Sometimes it is not so easy for everyone to get along, 

but this is the special place where things are kept so that everyone can have a piece of the things they need.

Each day many people work very hard in this place of Dunnrock; some go fishing and catch salmon and huckleberries. 

Others go up into the mountains to cut wood or bake bread. 

Some stay in the town square where they build houses, or fix cars, or paint houses, or make music and dance with their friends. 

Sometimes they go out into the world to buy clothes that match their favorite shirts or turquoise jewelry that will look nice with their favorite blue jeans.

People from many different places around the world like this one live in Dunnrock, which is not a Faraway Place. 

People who live in places that are not so perfect and beautiful each have their own story to tell about where they are from and what it means to them.

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