July 15, 2024
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The Top 9 Traits Startup Ceos Have in Common

The Top 9 Traits Startup Ceos Have in Common

The 9 traits startup ceos have in common!

Since the financial crisis, dozens of business entrepreneurs have launched successful startups. 

If you’re one of them, congratulations on your success! But don’t forget that there are many more start-ups out there 

which are struggling to receive funding, and they won’t be around forever. You can make sure your success outlives

 the next Google or Facebook by adopting these traits. An additional benefit is that you’ll be able to shine as a potential CEO candidate when looking for a new job.

Here are the 9 traits of successful startup CEOs:

 They get a lot of sleep.

According to the “sleep chronotype”, which is a variable that can help determine whether an individual needs more or less sleep, 

a successful CEO will have a very active body clock. This means it’s hard for them to be very productive in the early morning hours, 

which are usually when most people wake up and go to work. So successful CEOs will be able 

to get a lot of sleep during the weekend and go to bed very early on Monday morning.

 They have a love/hate relationship with their smartphone.

This may seem like an obvious trait, but successful CEOs know how to balance their work and personal lives. 

The key is not to let your phone distract you at meetings or during more important tasks at hand.

 They find a mentor who appreciates their innovative point of view.

While it’s said that the key to success is preparation, the truth is that something happens during the preparation process which we can’t always control.

 But there are those moments when you’re given a new challenge and you feel like you’re out of your depth.

 This is when a mentor comes in handy, someone who can guide you through the difficulty and 

reconnect your focus to the bigger picture and to your goals as an entrepreneur.

 They are not afraid to fail.

No one becomes a successful CEO by winning every battle they fight, so they are aware of their limits and capabilities. 

Successful CEOs know that failing is a natural step in the process of becoming better entrepreneurs, 

but that it shouldn’t stop them from trying something new.

 They consider the big picture of their business. 

The most successful CEOs have made the effort to learn about all aspects of their business, 

so that they can take any internal or external circumstance into account when making a decision: 

financials, market research, product development and engineering processes among others.

They have a vision for their company’s future.

Great entrepreneurs ask themselves, “Where are we going as a company? What is our vision?” 

And this idea is what gives them the drive and motivation to succeed no matter how hard the challenge could be.

 They know that a business isn’t just about “me”. 

The most successful CEOs will make sure that other people are not forgotten:

 to take care of customers, employees, partners and investors. 

They will regularly involve them in their decisions and find ways to reward their work with shares in the profits of the company.

 They are willing to join forces with others who are better-suited to some specific tasks than themselves.

Some tasks are very hard for you to do by yourself. In certain cases, being a stronger business leader is an advantage, 

but it can also be a weakness if your leadership style doesn’t fit with those of your peers.

They understand the value of competition.

When it comes to creative work, most successful CEOs are very competitive and don’t hesitate to take 

on new challenges and try new products and services in order to compete in their industry. 

They don’t think that they have passed their peak in the industry and need to rest on their laurels; 

they know that they need to keep moving forward every day and learn new skills as a way of staying relevant in their work field.

And it’s not just about the top job. 

If you have the above attributes and look for a career change, you’ll be able to find many jobs that suit your needs and interests:

 freelancer, consultant, advisor or business coach are excellent alternatives.

Surely, there is always room for improvement, but the above will help you get on the right track towards being successful.

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