June 24, 2024

For what are strict liability laws in place?

For what are strict liability laws in place?

No matter how bad someone’s intentions were, they can still be held accountable for committing a “strict responsibility crime.” You could be charged with a crime even if you had no criminal intent. If you’ve been accused of a strict liability offense in Philadelphia, you should retain the services of the city’s top criminal defense lawyer.

Can you give some examples of crimes that are punishable by strict liability?

To commit a felony that is defined by law

To have sexual relations with a minor is a serious offense. You could still face criminal charges even if you didn’t know the person was underage. It also makes no difference if the minor gave his or her permission for the act to be performed. You can still face criminal charges even if you had no intention of carrying out the sexual act with the minor.

You Committed a Crime by Selling Alcohol to a Minor.

Anyone who knowingly sells alcohol to a minor in violation of this law faces criminal penalties. It makes no difference if you reasonably assumed the person to be over 21.

Infractions Committed While Driving

Most traffic violations fall under the category of “strict responsibility” infractions. A strict responsibility offense may be filed against you if you are caught speeding. It makes no difference if you honestly do not think you were going faster than the posted speed limit.

Protective Measures That Could Be Taken

There are a wide variety of legal defenses. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to work with a criminal defense attorney in Pennsylvania. Consider whether any of these possible counterarguments apply to your case.

Negligence Contributing Factor

If you hire a good lawyer, he or she can argue that the plaintiff is also at least somewhat to blame for the crime. It’s possible that the plaintiff can get some money back.

Peril Acknowledged and Accepted

In some cases, getting someone’s permission is essential. The plaintiff’s right to compensation may be impaired if they participated in an inherently dangerous activity.

Violent or harmful mistreatment

If someone gets wounded while using a product, they often seek compensation by filing a claim. An individual may seek compensation for losses sustained as a result of utilizing a faulty product. However, willful misuse or abuse of a product might be used as a defense.

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