May 28, 2024

Smart tips for pedestrians to avoid accidents – How to stay safe even while walking

Smart tips for pedestrians to avoid accidents – How to stay safe even while walking

According to the NHTSA or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 8000 pedestrian fatalities occurred in 2019, mostly due to traffic accidents. The reports by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveal more than 130,000 pedestrians received emergency room treatment for accident injuries in the same year. 

Such high rates of pedestrian accidents imply the dire need for pedestrians to be cautious while walking on roads. It is imperative that they take preventative measures on roadways. The best ways in which pedestrians can avoid accidents are by increasing visibility, crossing crosswalks, obeying traffic signals, and staying alert. While an accident lawyer can help you receive compensation, here are a few things pedestrians should know. 

  • Boost your visibility

The NHTSA reports that one of the main reasons for a pedestrian accidents is a dearth of visibility. Whenever a driver can’t see you, there is more likelihood of hitting you. There are a few ways in which you can boost your visibility like:

  • Wear bright-colored clothes
  • Use a flashlight while walking at night
  • Have reflectors on your clothes

Try not to wear dark clothes at night as this will reduce your visibility. By boosting your visibility, you can make the drivers aware of your presence and they will therefore have more time to react. 

  • Cross the road only through crosswalks

Drivers are conditioned mentally to notice pedestrians who cross the road at the crosswalk. As the driver becomes automatically attentive, they will often notice pedestrians as they cross the crosswalk. The majority of the crosswalks have signs or markings for warning drivers. In case you try to cross the road through any other spot apart from the crosswalk, you might surprise a driver or a motorist. 

  • Stay away from distractions

Distracted walking can be dangerous for pedestrians. In case you’re not focusing on what you’re doing, you might run into an oncoming car. Hence, avoid using the phone or texting while walking on the side of the road or while crossing the road. Never wear headphones or earbuds while walking close to traffic. Before crossing the road, put the phone down, remove the earbuds and then cross the road. 

  • Walk off the road

Even when you’re not walking, you should stay off the road. The more you spend time on the road, the higher will be the risk of being hit by drivers and motorists. If there is a path or sidewalk available, walk on it so that there are reduced chances of getting hit. In case there is no pavement or sidewalk, then walk as far from the road as you can. Ensure you’re facing traffic rather than walking against traffic. When you can see oncoming traffic, you get more time to react. 

Therefore, now that you’re aware of the ways in which you can avoid accidents as a pedestrian, you should follow them to stay safe. Prevention is always better than cure.

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