April 19, 2024

HIIT – how it can help you stay fit in short time

HIIT – how it can help you stay fit in short time

One popular training technique is high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which involves a series of short, sharp bursts of activity alternating with a period of less activity.

 HIIT has been shown to produce better results in a shorter time frame than standard endurance programs. 

In addition to being more effective, the HIIT plan typically involves lower levels of perceived exertion and greater overall enjoyment.

More and more people are opting for the shorter bouts in between for strength and fitness purposes too, so these workouts can help you achieve your goals in much less time than if you were to simply go at it with long duration cardio sessions alone.

When your cardiovascular system is in top shape, you’re in for a much smoother and faster run, which can improve your comfort level when running.

 In this Anony Max , we’ll be showing you different HIIT workouts that will help you get in shape in a very short time span. You can start following these routines and see your progress quickly!

HIIT Exercises to help you stay fit in short time :

1. Jumping Jacks .

Jumping Jacks are a great way to warm up and get your blood flowing. 

This exercise is easy to do and only takes a few seconds. 

Jumping Jacks will help you maximize your blood flow, making it easier for your body to move oxygen around the body.

2. Jog in place for 10 seconds .

This sprint will require a little bit of running in place . 

Make sure you time yourself so that each work interval is 10 seconds long.

 Not much effort is required with this one – simply move as fast as you can for 10 seconds, then rest for the next 10 seconds before moving on to the next exercise.

3. Push Ups .

Push Ups are a great exercise that help build up your muscles and improve upper-body toning. 

You can do push-ups on your knees if you are pressed for time, but keep in mind that the number of push ups you do at a time will impact the rest of your workout .

4. Squats .

Squats are a great exercise for getting your core muscles to work – they help to improve balance, flexibility , and posture since the exercise involves strength work in upper legs and hips. 

One set performed with weights can be done in less than 30 seconds, so this one is great for keeping you on track with your HIIT routine!

5. Plank .

Plank is similar to push ups: held for 20 seconds and then resting 10 seconds. While this exercise may look daunting , it is actually not as difficult as it seems. 

All you need to do is to place your elbows and hands on the floor and just hold it – this takes a couple seconds, and then let your body weight pull you down into the rest period. 

The plank will help strengthen your core muscles and improve balance .

6. Jumping Jacks – Alternate legs two times .

Jumping Jacks are another exercise that will help warm up the body, get blood flowing, and prepare it for some strength training.

 The alternate leg part is great because it will provide an intense burst of energy and exercise your legs in a different way than simply running.

7. Mountain Climbers/Jumping Jacks .

One effective way to increase your cardiovascular fitness, without increasing your heart rate, is via mountain climbers. 

The effectiveness of this exercise comes from the fact that you are lifting yourself out of the ground with your arms, while simultaneously contracting your calf muscles .

 This type of movement is less stressful on the cardio-vascular system than running or other more vigorous exercises, making it ideal for people who are pressed for time or new to exercising .

8. Burpees .

Burpees are a wonderful exercise that works essentially every muscle in your body, especially your legs and abdomen. 

This exercise is more intense than the first one, so keep that in mind when working through it. You can do this on your knees if you are not able to complete it without getting too tired .

9. V-Ups .

To perform this exercise, you will need to lie on your back with your feet planted firmly on the floor.

 Next, you want to lift both of your legs until they are perpendicular with the floor. From here, you will simultaneously extend both of your arms straight out of where they are resting on the ground above you .

 This exercise is great for working out ab muscles and strengthening them.

10. V-Ups – Alternate legs when you are in the air .

This is another version of the previous exercise. 

The only difference is that when you are in the air, one of your legs will be pushing off while the other one is lifted up perpendicular to the ground. 

This type of movement will provide additional exercise for your core, buttocks, and hamstrings .

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