May 28, 2024

How Much Does a 3D Rendering of a Product Cost?

How Much Does a 3D Rendering of a Product Cost?

3D visualisation of interiors is already an indispensable step in the work of architects, designers, construction firms, marketers, advertisers, realtors and everyone involved in real estate sales. 3D visualisation of interiors can be used both for personal and commercial purposes. And in the second case, it will also bring in additional profits (3d product rendering company).

The rendering price includes: assembly of the scene in 3Ds MAX, selection of 3D models, selection of materials and textures, 2 revision circles are provided (make up to 30% of changes in the scene), rendering of 3 images at 1920×1080 resolution. Average price: from 500 hryvnia per rendering. For example, a modern interior rendering in one day will cost $4-12 per square metre, while a classic style will cost 7-16 dollars. A 3D rendering of a country house in four days will cost $180 per building.

Scientific studies show that visual memory is much stronger than others and visual examples can remember up to 90% of information. Interior visualisation is the most effective way to increase sales, attract investors and enter a new market. It greatly facilitates the work of the sales manager, because no longer need to explain his idea, but you can simply show a photorealistic picture.

Use all the advantages of modern technology, in particular interior 3d visualisation, and you will see how quickly your business gains momentum.

The result of all that is associated with architecture, such as repair in a flat, building a house or apartment complex, it was difficult to predict. Agree that back in 2000, we have not thought that there is something more clearly than the drawings of the architect or designer, and to understand them the average person needed even more time.

Today the market conditions dictate completely different conditions, because there are programs that can reproduce almost any interior, given the area of the room, lighting and arrangement of furniture. All the advantages of 3d visualization of the interior can be counted for a long time.

The interior visualization – an exact replica of your room. The entire room is created solely under certain parameters and therefore you get an exact match pictures to drawings. If you are in the design business, 3D interior visualisation will allow you to market your product perfectly (

Significant savings in time and money. It is obvious that it is easier to make additional changes and see the result on the monitor than to change the design after the construction is completed. In addition, interior visualisation is used for the coordinated work of the construction team, so there is no need to explain your vision of the project many times, because you can simply show a picture.

3D animation is a unique and inspiring creative process of creating a single sequence of frames, which is essentially a high quality video. Such a difficult task as the creation of 3d videos is better left to professionals. The world of possibilities that 3D animation opens up to us is limitless, and the creative approach is a very effective tool for attracting potential customers.

With the modern design method you can create a 3D mock-up of any building. This is a great opportunity to see a future house or summer house, a cottage community, a multi-storey building or an entire block. With all the details and nuances.

Modern construction companies increasingly offer their customers 3D visualisation of the exterior as part of the building design package. This is a great opportunity to see and clarify all the details well in advance. All changes and refinements are very easy to take into account. In a few clicks, the house can be turned around or the roof changed. The client can walk around the future streets, look into every nook and cranny, and even see the future from a bird’s eye view.

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