April 15, 2024

7 Innovative Technology which Impact for Business-Augeo marketing

7 Innovative Technology which Impact for Business-Augeo marketing

“Technology is in a state of constant evolution. There are new innovations popping up every day that are capturing people’s attention and getting them excited about the future.” Augeo marketing focuses mainly on developing new solutions and innovative technology. But this post isn’t just about the future – these technologies have already arrived, and they have surfaced in some way, shape, or form to make an impact on business

The post will be a list of 7 technologies with potential impacts for business.

1. Virtual Reality – 

Virtual reality has been around for some time, but only recently have the advancements been made to make virtual reality more affordable and available. Facebook acquired Oculus Rift in March 2014, which was the first sign that this technology was going to be big. VR is a new way to engage clients and have them experience a product before even purchasing it. Not only that, but you can also use VR to point out faults in your products or services before they have even happened – giving them an opportunity to fix it before your customer complains about it.

2. 3D printing – 

Just like virtual reality, 3D printing has been around for some time – but never before was it available to the public at such a low cost. With options such as MakerBot or ZPrinter, you can find a 3D printer for your business for as little as $2000. But what’s the point in owning one? You can use this low-cost technology to create your own physical products and market them on social media or through your own website (or both). That way, you don’t need to outsource the production of your product and you keep more of the profits (rather than paying an outside agency).

3. Artificial intelligence – 

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important and useful for businesses, especially if you are looking to be more automated. AI can help you understand your customers better, which means that you will get quicker and more accurate results. This can benefit your bottom line because it helps you be more efficient and saves time for the people who are already doing the work.

4. Augmented reality – 

Instead of using a smartphone to interact with your screens, why not use the real world? Augmented reality may not yet be mainstream, but it will be in the near future as companies like Google Glass have created a new way to interact with our screens when in real life that involves both your hands and eyes (like Snapchat). Rather than just using your smartphone as a screen, you can use your hands to interact with your screens, which has some benefits over just simply touching the screen.

5. Robotics – 

Robots are already being used in industry – from simple ones like the Roomba that vacuums floors to advanced ones such as Kiva robots that manage warehouses for Wal-mart and Amazon. You can incorporate these robots into your business to make things more efficient and able to complete tasks 24/7 without needing any human supervision (and humans aren’t required at all). In addition, you may be thinking that the cost of replacing humans with robots is far too high, but it’s actually not. A $50,000 robot can produce a product in the same amount of time as it would with a human.

6. Smart contracts – 

The idea behind smart contracts is that they will decrease the costs of doing business. Smart contracts can be created to automatically release assets to a person dependent on the execution (or if something fails.) They also come in different forms for different businesses, and are ideal for use within the supply chain as well as any type of distributed system (e.g., sharing economy business models.)

7. Smart cameras – 

Smart cameras are not as commonplace yet, but they are a major development that is making this technology more accessible to businesses (particularly retail). As businesses move into smart cameras, they will have a huge advantage over their competitors in terms of both saving money on labor as well as providing better insight into business operations.


As technology continues to evolve, you will be seeing tech advances and developments like the ones I have just mentioned that can help you save money on labor, increase your efficiency and reduce your risks. You can continue looking for the newest innovations and new advancements in the world of business.

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