June 19, 2024

14 Favorite Retail Industry Products by Kirkley Marketing

14 Favorite Retail Industry Products by Kirkley Marketing

The retail industry is one of the largest in the world with billions of products sold annually. Of course, there are plenty of must-have items that have been popular for decades, but there are also plenty of not-so-well known items that should be on your radar. Kirkley Marketing is a company that operates in Retail industry.

Here are a few Retail Industry Products:

1. Colorful Trash Bags – 

These colorful trash bags from Target come in packs of 12 and cost around $5 to $6. They’re both durable and inexpensive, perfect for any busy teen’s room or any college dorm room!

2. Tiger Balls –

 This great item from TigerDirect.com is a classic toy that just never seems to go out of style in the US. It’s a small foam ball with an attached rope, which you can use to swing on the ground or hit over your head. My personal favorite is the orange ball and black rope which is super cute!

3. Thermacell Mosquito Repellent –

 This thermacell mosquito repellent kit makes a great gift for anyone who likes being outdoors during the summer months! You can get these small kits, which include citronella candles, citronella diffuser refills and citronella-scented blankets all for $17 online from Amazon .

4. Cardboard Furniture – 

I recently became a big fan of UrbanOutfitters.com and their cardboard furniture, which is so handy for when you need a small table or chair for entertaining. The coolest part is that the items are made from recycled materials and are easily assembled with just a few simple steps!

5. Love Your Melon Hats – 

My friends over at LoveYourMelon.org have created a great idea for hats that fight back against cancer in children. Love Your Melon has been rapidly growing over the last year and I love that 30% of all purchases go towards cancer research!

6. Personalized Shot Glasses – 

Personalized shot glasses from ShopAtHome.com make a great gift for teens who will be heading to college this fall or anyone who loves hosting parties!

7. Drink Chalk –

 This colorful chalk from Target can be used to label any container that you plan to bring drinks on the go and then wash and reuse. It comes in bright, summery colors and costs around $2.50 per package. Sure beats writing on a beer bottle with a sharpie!

8. Square Magnetic Pads –

 These square magnetic pads are great for holding recipes up near the front of the fridge so they’re easy to access while cooking! You can find them online at Amazon for under $10 per pack of 3 pads!

9. Blackhead Removing Tool & Strips –

 This blackhead removing tool set from Sephora is great for teens who are interested in keeping their skin healthy and clear!

10. Keychain LED Flashlights – 

These keychain LED flashlights from Sporty’s Academy makes a great stocking stuffer or holiday present for any teen who loves to stay active or have fun outdoors with friends! The flashlights come in green and orange, as well as red, blue and yellow!

11. Desk Exercise Balls – 

These desk exercise balls are a great way to do some workouts at home while you’re on the computer working on projects or just browsing the web! Staples has them for $7.95 each, which is a great price for this kind of quality exercise ball!

12. Foam Roller – 

The foam roller is a great basic home gym item that everyone should have in their home. It’s great for trigger point and self-myofascial release, as well as any kind of basic physical therapy exercises. Staples has some classic models for under $20, but I prefer the ones from Amazon for $12.50!

13. Electrolyte Powder – 

This electrolyte powder from Gatorade is a great product for athletes who need a fast yet healthy way to get essential vitamins and minerals before, during and after workouts. Athletes can mix the powder with just water, or water and sports drinks (like Gatorade) to get the nutrients they need while still getting all the flavor!

14. Frosted Saran Wrap – 

This interesting item was recommended to me by a woman I worked with at an office supply company several years ago. You can buy it at Amazon in either 150 or 250 foot rolls for under $5 each. It’s a great alternative to saran wrap, which can get brittle and hard to use over time – this stuff is much softer and easy to work with!


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