June 21, 2024

Is Email Marketing Worth It?

Is Email Marketing Worth It?

You may wonder if an email marketing campaign is worth the effort with so many different digital marketing channels. The short answer is yes. Email marketing is more important now than ever, and there are many benefits to using this method of marketing your business. 

What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a direct form of marketing that uses email to communicate with recipients. Your customers opt-in to receive this form of communication, making them in control. Getting email addresses helps you to get a number of leads, which you can ultimately nurture into sales. 

Letting customers see your name in their inboxes ensures that you’re always on their minds. Email marketing offers a high return on your investment, and most people prefer communicating with businesses in this manner. 

The content you can send to your customers is endless. Email is a channel that’s stood the test of time, and experts predict it will keep growing. Almost every person has an email address, and 99% of those who use their address check their inboxes daily. 

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing has shown to increase sales by up to 760%. That’s a massive number! In fact, it’s more successful in creating sales than any other form of digital marketing. It’s also very effective in generating traffic to your website, with a CTA (call to action) and links on which the recipients can click. 

Email can bring in additional leads and can turn your business to inbound marketing. As subscribers see that you add value, they may take the plunge and make a purchase. It allows you to connect with your audience more authentically and will lead to brand loyalty and good relationships with your customers. 

Another benefit is that email marketing campaigns are affordable and generally easy to set up. You can personalize content with the recipient’s name and even products the person may be interested in. 

Will Email Marketing Stay Relevant?

Experts agree that email is a growing channel, and more people are starting to use it yearly. Billions of messages are sent between users daily, and the trend is that the number keeps growing. As artificial intelligence increases, so will your ability to fully personalize your messages. AI can help build intelligent profiles for your customers to increase the level of personalization of the messages, making them more emotional and using better timing. You’ll also receive excellent feedback with email tracking, which is also becoming better as technology improves. 

While more digital marketing avenues come into existence every year, trends come and go. Email seems to be here to stay. Email consistently ranks higher in ROI and conversion rates, even with other avenues opening up. 


Best Practices

Email marketing isn’t a magic wand you can wave to get sales. There are various aspects to which you should pay attention. 

  • Ensure that your design is professional and consistent. Always include branding so your messages are easy to recognize.
  • Never use don’t-reply addresses. These tend to end up in inboxes that aren’t used.
  • Make sure every email has value. Don’t use blatant sales pitches. Instead, let your messages improve the recipients’ everyday lives.
  • Don’t send emails too frequently. Ensure that you have good timing with your messages.
  • Don’t hide the unsubscribe button. It should be as easy for recipients to opt out of messages as it was to sign up. 
  • Live up to your promises. When recipients subscribe to emails, let them know exactly what to expect in the messages and how frequently they’ll receive them. 
  • Use different types of messages. Don’t constantly send promotions. Mix it up and be creative. 
  • Make your content easy to scan, and always include a CTA.

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is not only relevant; it’s a critical part of your digital marketing mix. Experts agree that it’ll increase in time. Ensure that you have an email marketing campaign and use the tracking of the messages for effective marketing feedback

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