May 30, 2024

Main characters of “why the hell are you here teacher” anime

Main characters of “why the hell are you here teacher” anime

When it comes to anime, the most important aspect is often the story. The takeaway of one particular episode can change a person’s perspective on what they believe to be reality.

 Many anime series have created an intricate world full of life-long mysteries that are waiting for you to solve them.

 Here are some of the most fascinating examples in anime history of main characters who had no idea why they were given a second chance at life.

Rintaro Okabe, Steins;Gate

Steins;Gate is a j-drama about time travel that will mess with your head. The main character, Rintaro Okabe, has created a time machine.

 The machine allows him to send text messages back in time to himself. It’s an interesting concept that can make you think about what exactly happened in the past and what is going to happen in the future.

 However, after creating this machine, Okabe starts experiencing severe side effects of the device he created alongside his acquaintance Makise Kurisu. He starts having delusions and is even unable to distinguish between reality and non-reality.

About the main characters of why the hell are you here teacher myanimelist :

1. Okabe

Okabe is a genius of IT. He can create things that can change the world. For example, Okabe created a time machine.

 Unlike the scientist who built a time machine before him, Okabe didn’t use normal materials to build it. 

Instead, he used something called esper particles, magnitudes of matter that are capable of changing the world by controlling one’s actions in the future. 

The main role of these particles are to allow your actions to affect your future self’s actions leading you on a new path towards your destiny.

2. Kurisu

Kurisu is very young and very attractive for her age range of 14-15 years old. She is always wearing a suit that simply accentuates her chest. 

Kurisu has a very sharp and observant personality that allows her to notice things quickly.

 She is the first person to recognize that Okabe isn’t normal and even knows about time traveling and the fact that Okabe has created a machine capable of such tasks.

3. Maho Nishizumi, Girls und Panzer

Ms. Nishizumi is the Vice Principal of Ooarai Girls Academy for Japanese high schools. 

Maho, as she is often called, knows everything about tank warfare as she has been training others on how to use them for over 30 years now. 

She is very strict with the girls in her school, but they respect her greatly because of her commitment to education. 

Her knowledge of tank warfare makes her the best vice principal in Ooarai Girls Academy.

4. Lelouch, Code Geass

Lelouch is a great Code Geass character who has an amazing power called geass (which is very different from the geas spell casted in the game). 

He used this ability to control people’s actions even if they didn’t know about his power. This made him one of the most feared people in the world.

 Lelouch was also able to change his appearance and choose the body he will use to appear in different places. He even disguised himself as a girl!

5. Shiro, My Hero Academia

Shiro is one of the students in Class 1-A of U.A high school. He has the ability to transform into his hero form which is called “One For All” where he can take on the powers of other heroes. He has it so that he doesn’t gain all his powers though since each power costs him energy and he has to transform back to normal even if only for a few minutes. 

Shiro might be one of the most powerful characters in anime history not because he can physically overpower everyone, but because his character design and personality inspire people to become better people.

6. Saniwa, Yurusarezaru Mono

Saniwa is a very powerful character from the anime Yurusarezaru Mono which is a very emotional anime about a man who is very attached to his pet dog that dies from illness.

 His pet dog’s spirit then goes on to possess him and his actions become those of a dog’s. 

This also makes him lose some of his abilities, especially those that made him human such as giving and receiving love and pain. 

However, he still retains the ability to speak which makes it easier for him to interact with others including his wife and their children.

7. Amuro Trowa, Gundam Wing

Amuro is one of the main characters in the series Gundam Wing where he has a visor that allows him to see other’s memories and other people’s thoughts.

 He is very skilled with a sword and even though he can be killed, it takes a lot of effort for his enemy to do so. 

His fellow pilot named Trowa was the one who gave him his visor and Amuro sees him as a brother not just because they’re both pilots, but also because he knows Trowa cares deeply for their safety and even sacrificed his own life to protect Amuro during several battles.

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