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Who’s Ichigo?

Who’s Ichigo?

It is no secret that there are many genres of fanfiction. Some are more popular than others, some are open-ended while others have specific goals.

 One of the most often written types of fanfiction is revolving around Soul Society, ultimately focused on the story’s protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki.

Writing about somebody who has never been introduced in canon before requires a lot of creativity and, sometimes, changes to whole plot points to make them interesting.

 In the case of Soul Society, writers have been altering the story from the beginning. The most common alteration is simply changing Ichigo’s place in Soul Society. 

In some stories he is a shinigami, in others he is a human, and in others still Ichigo never even gets to see Soul Society.

Another popular alteration is to have Ichigo find himself being taken care of by a zanpakuto spirit in his time of need. 

This is a common alternative to having him taken into custody by in-story authorities or another shinigami squad .

About ichigo can see zanpakuto spirits fanfiction :

1. Ichigo is a little shorter than Rukia.

2. Ichigo’s hollow mask is not angular. It vaguely resembles a skull because it is rather symmetrical and has curved, normal eye holes and normal mouth lines. 

It’s just that the cheeks and forehead jut out slightly and the top of his forehead curves down even more than that, ending in a sharp point in front of his nose.

3. Ichigo’s zanpakuto has been seen to be bigger than it actually is in some scenes when compared to other scenes involving the same sword, such as when Rukia was holding it against the Espada’s blade.

4. Ichigo’s zanpakuto only has the abilities listed by Rukia in the beginning of the Arrancar arc in the manga, but it has many more abilities that are created by Ichigo’s lack of control over his shikai and bankai.

5. The only one who heard Ichigo say “Ichigo” in episode 106 was Rukia .

 It wasn’t really important to the plot so they skipped explaining why everybody overheard it when they didn’t have anywhere near close range to have actually heard him say it.

6. Ichigo’s set of clothing is not a result of his using kidou to create it. 

All the kidou he has been shown using has been from his inner world and none of them have been used outside his inner world. 

There is no way that he could have created that entire outfit with kidou.

7. Ichigo did not need to receive a gigai from Urahara because there was nowhere for him to wear one at the time . 

He did, however, take one with him in a carrying case in case he ever did find a suitable body for himself.

8. The gigai Ichigo carried around in the show was not modified by Urahara-san .

 It is the same as any other gigai from before the second invasion, except it is a little more damaged from being in Ichigo’s pocket for so long.

9. Ichigo’s hollow mask breaks into two pieces all on its own if he transforms or loses control of his inner hollow .

 It doesn’t break due to being hit/attacked by an enemy or because of the strength of Ichigo’s spiritual pressure.

10. Ichigo can see zanpakuto spirits , but he can’t see shinigami unless they are in their gigai or bankai forms .

11. Ichigo didn’t get to see his mother in his inner world because he did not want to see and did not acknowledge her and she did not want to see him and does not acknowledge him .

 This has been mentioned in the manga when Ichigo said he didn’t have a mom in the inner world . 

The fact that Ichigo saw Isshin in the inner world is pretty much a contradiction to this rule, since Isshin was never there when Yamamoto asked Ichigo about his mother or sister’s memory being “corrupted” by Ichigo’s Quincy powers. 

It is possible that Yamamoto knew about Isshin being with Ichigo when he was a kid, but didn’t know what Isshin actually looked like.

12. Ichigo’s inner hollow did not eat all of the parts of Ichigo’s soul except the parts that made him a shinigami. 

The missing parts were hollowfied and became his inner hollow .

13. Ichigo’s ability to see spirits is because of his training in his inner world to see hollows, not because he is a shinigami . 

It is completely possible for a human child with high spiritual pressure to live in Soul Society without ever becoming a shinigami, since Shinigamis are much rarer in Soul Society than in the real world .

14. Ichigo’s bankai is created by his inner hollow instead of “releasing” the bankai . 

The inner hollow takes control of Ichigo’s body and turns his shikai into a bigger version of itself with more weapons, using the power of the reiatsu inside Ichigo’s body to do so. 

This is why he cannot see or hear anything while he is in this form. He has no awareness of what is going on outside his own head since the only part that exists in this form is his inner hollow.

15. Ichigo Kurosaki does not have a last name . His adopted father, Isshin Kurosaki, does not have a last name either .

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