July 16, 2024

15 Best Marketing Email Campaign Examples by RST Marketing

15 Best Marketing Email Campaign Examples by RST Marketing

Marketing emails are one of the most prevalent ways that brands communicate with their customers—and for good reason. They’re so effective! A marketing email is a message sent to the customer directly by a company, either on an automated schedule or in response to some action the customer took, such as opening an account, adding products to his cart, and more. This email can serve as an activation message that helps bring in new customers or a follow-up message that reminds existing customers about your product. RST Marketing is committed to making direct mail campaigns in a successful way.

A good marketing email is the perfect way to get an email address and keep in touch with customers who have already shown interest or purchased from your business. Marketing emails can also help you do things like measure your reach, optimize campaigns, and gather customer feedback.

 Here are 15 of the best marketing email examples ever sent:

1. Tesla Motors – Free Referral Program 

This free referral program was sent out to Tesla owners in June 2012 after the introduction of the Model X electric crossover SUV. Tesla owner incentives are a smart way to keep your customers loyal through word-of-mouth.

2. AOL – Added Features

In June 2016, AOL sent out an email letting customers know about recent improvements to its service. An email like this can also act as an announcement for new features you’ve added to your product or website, or new content you’ve created for your blog or social media channels.

3. Hexx – Weekly Updates 

Hexx, a web hosting company, uses its weekly newsletter to send out updates about the company itself and what it is doing that week to help customers. This weekly newsletter is a good way for a brand to keep its customers updated on the latest news and promotions.

4. Seamless – Promotions 

Seamless, a food delivery service, uses its email to keep customers in the loop about sales and discounts. A promotion like this can help increase sales for a business and is an effective way for a brand to send out promotional offers to its customers.

5. The North Face – Order Confirmation 

The North Face is an outdoor clothing and gear retailer that uses email as an order confirmation tool. A confirmation email like this works well for online businesses of all kinds, from physical stores to online-only retailers.

6. HubSpot – Free eBook 

HubSpot is a marketing software provider that uses email to send out free ebooks like ‘Five Tips for Working with Social Media Influencers’. This is an excellent way to keep up with your competitors and be the first to offer something new.

7. Zappos – Email Archive 

Zappos’ email archive contains over 10,000 emails sent out over ten years—an impressive feat in itself! A long email archive like this is a great way for Zappos to share information with its customers and boost their engagement.

8. Quora – Question Archive

Quora’s email archive contains over 2,800 emails sent out to customers—all answering questions about Quora itself and the topics it covers. This is a smart way to build customer trust in your business by communicating transparently through your email marketing efforts.

9. Amazon – Customer Referral 

In December 2014, Amazon sent out a customer referral email to customers who had previously bought an Amazon gift from a friend’s wish list or from an Amazon gift card they gave as a present. This type of referral program is smart for any business looking for new customers and ways to grow their business.

10. Google – Product Announcement 

Google used its email to announce the release of Chrome for iOS in December 2016. This is an excellent example of a product launch email that can be used by any business looking to send out information about a new product or feature.

11. Microsoft – Marketing Email

Microsoft is another business that uses its email marketing campaigns as a way to announce new features and products developed by the company. This type of announcement is a good example of how a marketing email can be used as an effective tool for brands to tell their story in their own words.

12. Spotify – Email Archive 

Spotify’s email archive contains hundreds of emails that provide updates on its products and services. This is a smart way to keep customers updated about customer support issues, product updates, new features, and more.

13. Uber – Customer Loyalty Program

Uber uses its email marketing campaign to announce its customer loyalty program called ‘Uber Rewards’. Like any loyalty program, Uber Rewards makes customers feel like they are getting something extra for their business from the business itself by encouraging them to sign up for the rewards program before taking a ride with Uber.

14. Apple – Email Archive

Apple’s email archive covers 1,680 emails from June 2011 to February 2016. A company that has been around as long as Apple needs to be able to maintain its reputation with customers and keep them interested in what new products it is developing, and an email archive like this helps achieve just that.

15. Airbnb – Customer Referral (September 2015)

Airbnb uses its email marketing campaigns as a way to collect customer referral information—and the results are impressive! Since January 2015, Airbnb has gathered intelligence on more than 150 million prospective customers worldwide by leveraging their customer referral program and referral emails like this one.

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