April 19, 2024

11 Powerful Habits to Master for Success in PDP Marketing

11 Powerful Habits to Master for Success in PDP Marketing

If you have an upcoming PDP Marketing event, this blog post is for you. While it’s impossible to know exactly what challenges that are going to come up in any given event, there are some habits that can help make sure you’re prepared as possible. 

Here are 11 habits that we recommend every PDP Marketing practitioner implement:

1) Set Goals – 

Beyond just asking what your goal is, set a timeline to track your goals and make sure you’re staying on track. Review your results at the end of each month (or quarter), and adjust your strategy as necessary to stay on target.

2) Analyze the Data – 

How are you doing against your goals? Even if what you thought was going to happen didn’t actually happen, you still need to know how well you are doing. This can help make sure changes are being made if what’s happening is not working as well as it should be. It also gives valuable insight into areas for improvement that may arise in future marketing campaigns.

3) Always Include a Call to Action – 

The CTA is the key that gets people on your page or through your funnel. Be sure to include this in each advertisement. This helps it get noticed, and to make sure people take action. You can also see what keywords and phrases people are searching for (and not searching for) with Google Analytics, which will give you insight into which words work best together.

4) Keep it Simple – 

Being simple will make communication easier, and help you communicate the biggest points that are important without going into too much detail. Research has shown that information overload leads to less action, so keep things as streamlined as possible.

5) Use Lead Nurture and Measurement – 

Lead nurturing is the set of strategies, processes and tactics that are used to nurture prospects through your sales cycle. Measurement is when you use data and tracking to measure the effectiveness of this marketing, including what you’re getting from it.

6) Distribute Your Message – 

No one likes to feel like they are being sold to. When distributing messages to people, make sure that you’re using a personal approach. This will help people feel like they can trust you, which will make them more likely to take action than if they were feeling like they were being “sold”.

7) Be Resourceful- 

There are a number of resources at your disposal to help make the most of your PDP campaigns. Take advantage of them to get more from your efforts.

8) Measure Metrics that Matter – 

There are many metrics you can track, but you will want to make sure you are tracking the ones that matter for your business. For example, if you’re a local franchise business, it makes sense to track how many people clicked on your advertisements and saw where you were located. If you’re not receiving any clicks after running a campaign for a month, then it’s probably a good sign something needs to change.

9) Always Test – 

Always be testing. Use your traffic sources to help determine what’s working and what’s not. If you’re getting a lot of clicks, but no follow through, then you know you need to try something different. This will help your tracking efforts to get better results. You can also use landing page trackers with Google Analytics to see how well your landing pages are converting people who are coming from them. This will show you which ads are converting the highest.

10) Track ROI – 

It’s important to be able to track return on investment (ROI). This way, you can see how many leads (and customers) each marketing effort is bringing in and how much each effort is costing you.

11) Be Responsive – 

When people contact you, be responsive. Even if they are not the best fit, it is important to be courteous and helpful. This will help build your reputation and will make sure the people you could convert will take notice of your business.

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