May 30, 2024

The New Eight Druid Travel Forms Introduced in the 9.1.5 Update

The New Eight Druid Travel Forms Introduced in the 9.1.5 Update

Non-Beast Druid Forms

There are now eight new druid forms, with one for each of the non-beast races. 

The first four of these are available to all druids through quests at level 30. 

These are Cat, Bear, Moonkin, and Tree of Life. 

For an additional two forms each available to either night elves or tauren druids respectively, you will have to complete the introduction quest chain that begins with “Ysera’s Blessing.” 

This is accessible by finding a tree that can be found in any starting zone. 

If you want the cat form introduced in patch 9.1.5, you’ll have to complete the 3 Cat Form Achievements.

The other four forms are race-specific, and can be bought from the Auction House with gold (for tauren), or up to TBC glory. 

New Beast Druid Forms

These forms also will be given by Ysera’s Blessing Quest in their respective starting zones: 

The Beast Form is for night elves, the Raptor Form is for trolls and worgs, the Owlkin Form is for pandaren and mogu, while the Snake form is available to high elves. 

New Mounts That Can Be Obtained As The Result Of Specific Achievement Quests

In Patch 2.3.0, attained by completing the achievement, All the World’s a Stage, all characters could ride flying mounts. 

These mounts were very popular with players and many of them were discounted or disabled. They were also expensive to obtain making them attractive targets for gold farmers who used bots to farm gear for other players.

With patch 9.1, flying mounts were restricted to druids and certain other classes that also have access through Ysera’s Blessing questline. 

The restrictions from the previous patch made flying mounts less desirable and therefore more appealing to farmers. 

In response Blizzard has reversed this change in Patch 9.1.[1]

In Patch 10.0.1 Blizzard removed the restriction on flying mounts, allowing them to be purchased with gold or glory. 

This was accomplished through a limited availability “event” in Plains of Ashford and was later made permanent in Patch 10.0.5, 

which also included a Flying Mount Shop for players to purchase new mounts or use the flying status effect. 

The new Shop is located in either Thousand Needles or Jade Forest.

Flying Mount Skills – Rank 1

Chequy Duck, Azeroth’s Best Riding Dog –  The ‘chequy’ riding dog from earlier appears again in Patch 2.3.0.

In Patch 10.0.5 the Flying Mount Skill was removed from the character sheet and put into a new separate window in the UI. 

This new window shows the character’s flying skill at various ranks, and allows players to purchase mounts and obtain the flight status effect that is not available in Patch 10.0. 

It also shows information about different types of flying mounts for sale at vendors.

It previously existed as an object located on a table in Eastern Plaguelands near Gahrron’s Withering. 

This table was removed in Patch 10.0.5. The window can be accessed by clicking on the “Mount” button on the lower left corner of the character sheet window.[5]

Flying Mounts – Money-Saving Tips

There are three types of flying mounts that can be purchased. 

The first type is a standard flying mount, which allows players to fly in both outdoor zones and instances. 

A second type of flying mount costs more and allows the player to fly in outdoor zones, but not in an instance; 

it is not possible to use this type of mount inside an instance unless players are near the entrance or exit portals. 

The third, more expensive type of flying mount allows players to fly in outdoor zones and instances. 

This type, however, can only be used inside an instance if players are near a flight point such as a Gryphon Master or flight path.

If players do not want the restriction on flying mounts, they should consider buying the standard fare. 

Also, if players have already attained access to a higher level mount from an achievement quest chain, 

they will still have access to that level of flying mount as long as they have not abandoned the quest line.

There is also another way for players to get their hands on a cheap level 85 flying mount. 

This mount can be found at the Netherwing Fields in Twilight Highlands. 

Players have to be at least level 77 for this mount and it is possible for players to lose it if they don’t pay attention when fighting in the area.

Before Patch 8.0.1, many people would farm the field for this mount because it was easier 

to farm the reputation with a higher level character instead of starting from scratch with a lower level one. 

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