June 19, 2024

The Stuffed Turtle in the Game Dying Light

This article will cover the basics of how a stuffed turtle called “Dying Light” is used in the game Dying Light. It will also provide some useful advice on how to avoid it if you want to keep it alive and playing.

 Don’t give the stuffed turtle too much attention by either talking or interacting with it. 

If someone else gives the turtle too much attention, take that as your cue to sneak away quietly without them noticing. –

 Kill zombies around you when they don’t see you and make sure not to kill any of them or have them catch sight of you when they’re close by. – 

Regardless of whether or not you’re spotted, don’t move around much. 

Snipers can quickly kill you if they spot you and get a clear shot at you. 

The best way to be noticed when you’re being targeted by a sniper is to stay still and crouch down. – 

If another player should see the Stuffed Turtle and not give it enough attention then steal the stuffed turtle from him/her and take it for yourself. – 

If another player sees the Stuffed Turtle but seems to know that the four monsters that are near it are dangerous then try and lure them away from your new toy. 

Don’t let them get too close to the Stuffed Turtle because if they do then, they’re most likely going to get caught in a trap or sniped, and that would be a bad thing. – 

If another player sees the Stuffed Turtle and he can’t seem to keep his cool around it then getting rid of the stuffed turtle is your best bet for survival. 

Just make sure that you don’t kill anyone else in the process. – 

The Stuffed Turtle in the Game Dying Light: How To Avoid It

If someone gets attacked by an NPC (Nonplayer Character) and has to defend themselves from an NPC than don’t just kill them but try and steal their stuffed turtle before they die. 

This can help you get the Stuffed Turtle if they die.

– If a player gives you his/her stuffed turtle and you don’t have yours then don’t care too much about it. You should try and use the stuffed turtle that belongs to the other player to distract it. This can be done by creating a distraction so that it seems like another player is doing it but in reality, the player is pretending to do something else only for his/her plan to go awry when he/she sees someone loot his/her stuffed turtle from his pocket and then, get on a creature or zombie close by him/her or her.

– Never give a player back his/her stuffed turtle if you should find yourself in the unfortunate situation where he/she steals it from you. 

To do this, you may want to just stare down at the ground and try to avoid eye contact with him/her.

– If someone asks for your item by saying something like: “Can I have my turtle please?” and then throwing a rock at your feet or hitting you with their fist then say the following phrase: 

“I’m sorry but my turtle has died”.

– If you’re in the middle of a battle with zombies that won’t let up and don’t seem like they will ever let up then just ignore the Stuffed Turtle. 

Just keep killing zombies. 

Maybe try and find a gas station or pharmacy to retrieve some meds through an opening in the windows of it because you may need more meds later on.

Stuffed Turtle 

After getting your first stuffed turtle, go ahead and make at least one more when you have the time. 

This way, if someone does end up stealing it from you than at least you still have another one to play with.

– Don’t worry about the Stuffed Turtle when you’re not playing with it since the other four monsters nearby it will always do the killing for you. https://wangbock.com

– If someone wants your Stuffed Turtle, feel free to say no. 

This can be difficult however since you’ll have to say NO where nobody can see you so that they don’t know that you’re saying NO. 

This is a sneaky trick that can sometimes work with the other type of people, especially if they’re not paying attention.

– If you end up with two stuffed turtles then you can either keep them both or trade one of them with a friend. 

You may want to trade one of them if you need specific items or guns right away.

– You may want to say “no” when someone wants to trade their Stuffed Turtle with yours and then, say something like: “We’re all in this together.” 

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