May 28, 2024

The story of Boho Salon

The story of Boho Salon

One of the most talked about salons in Dubai is Boho Salon. Its innovative and uniquely progressive approach to beauty has attracted a wide range of clients, from the high-profile elite to those looking for a more natural alternative to luxurious treatments. 

The people behind Boho Salon – Sebola and Tony – share their story with, where they talk about how Boho was created and what sets it apart from other salons in Dubai.

The article will share some interesting facts on who scripted boho salon as well as some great advice on ways you can create your own salon!

1. What’s the story behind Boho Salon?

The story of Boho is one of love, laughter and the ultimate dream come true. We both had successful careers in different fields before we decided to collaborate together. 

Sebola was working as an artist with an international perfume company and Tony was with a finance firm. We met through friends and soon realized that we had similar interests; good food, music..and an eye for beauty!

 We both lived in London at the time but after having our first daughter Caitlin (2 years ago), we decided to make the move to Dubai – Dubai has it all; great weather, friendly people, great business opportunities, great social life…the list goes on!

2. What makes Boho Salon different from other salons in Dubai?

We believe in promoting natural beauty. The whole Boho ethos reminds us that there’s no need to resort to chemicals to enhance something that’s already naturally beautiful.

 We don’t think you should have to look like everyone else; it’s the inner beauty that matters – whether you get your hair done or go for a manicure, it should make you feel good about yourself, not make you feel like you want to hide! 

Our philosophy is “If we can’t eat it or drink it, we won’t put it on you”. We’re naturalists at heart and always aim to create natural products, take out all the “stuff” that you don’t need in your life.

3. How has Boho evolved since the salon opened last year?

We’ve seen incredible growth since we opened our doors! We know that brands are important, but so is celebrity – after all, the people you see on our walls are not just any celebrities – they’re “beautiful people”. 

We love seeing people react when they discover who’s behind Boho! They say what’s coming next is incredible…

4. We heard that you introduced a new level of luxury to Dubai?

We have introduced a new form of luxury, offering an exclusive experience with products and treatments based on natural beauty. 

Nothing artificial, no rubbish…just natural ingredients. We believe in embracing your natural self, no matter how old or young you are – so we created Boho Salon to cater to all ages! If people are unique, uniqueness should be reflected in their appearance!

5. We saw a picture of you and a photo-shoot with the beautiful Rita Ora. What was your inspiration?

We worked with Rita on a shoot for her new fragrance. 

It’s a photo-shoot that we will never forget! Although she’s a star, she was so approachable and really down to earth – we really loved being around her!

6. What were the ingredients in Boho Salon from start to finish?

We couldn’t have done it without our fantastic team! We would be lost without them all. It was a great team effort, with great support from our families.

7. What are your future plans for the salon?

Our future plans are to keep opening more salons! We want to grow organically so we will expand by opening additional Boho salons in the Middle East – Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha. Our goal is to take this brand across the globe!

8. Any tips for potential entrepreneurs? What’s it like struggling to create something from scratch?

We’ve managed to create an amazing brand and we’re only just getting started! It’s hard work and time consuming but we’re very passionate and we’re always looking for new ways to develop our business. 

We’re still very new at the game, so don’t expect to find us in a corner yet! We want all our salons to be unique – just like Boho Salon – because that’s what sets us apart from other salons in Dubai.

9. What are your hopes for the future?

Our aspirations are to be the biggest natural skincare brand in the world! We don’t want to limit ourselves to having just one type of franchise – we’re looking into what’s next. The possibilities are endless with Boho!

10. Any last words for your readers?

We’d like to say a big thank you to for featuring us – it’s nice that our work has been recognised by your readers. We’re always looking for new opportunities – so please get in touch if you know of any!

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