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Who wrotted the script of boho salon?

Who wrotted the script of boho salon?

Fade hair salon in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The Fade hair salon is a place where people can make themselves feel good about themselves and achieve a sense of self-worth. 

The goal of the Fade hair salon is to make customers happy and confident by providing a welcoming atmosphere. 

So what does this look like? Well for one thing, there are no receipts! 

You’ll be sure to get your money’s worth the moment you walk in the door. 

Also, this establishment doesn’t necessarily appeal to men or women; it’s more for people who value diversity.

 If you don’t know how to decide which cut or color suits you best then they will help steer

 you toward something that works best with your features and personal identity. 

What’s better than having a Fade hair salon near your home?

The Fade hair salon is the result of the work of five people. 

All five members agree that they are extremely passionate about trying to make things better for others.

 The inspiration for this project came from the world of fashion and how beautiful, inventive, and self-aware people could be. 

Therefore, it became their goal to present these same ideals through the creation of this space that resembled a “fashion show” 

within their very own community! The owner of this place believes that just because someone comes in with

 traumatic past experiences does not mean they should be stuck in the past. 

She believes that living life to your fullest potential should be our priority, regardless of personal circumstances. 

This is why they are so dedicated to making our community a space where people can feel comfortable.

The Fade hair salon has some very unique features, which are clearly described on their website. 

For example, they have a “pot luck” every first Monday of each month. 

The pot luck is an event that promotes communication among different individuals and gives everyone

 the opportunity to get together for a meal and discuss their problems openly.

 The pot luck allows people to feel safer because they are in a familiar environment that is filled with people who are eager to listen. 

Some of the other unique features offered by the Fade hair salon include:

They offer workshops that teach you how to give yourself a new look, and they even let you keep the products and tools!

They do all of this for absolutely free!

The owner also encourages young boys and girls to get involved with this cause by becoming members of their volunteer team.

 This gives them an opportunity to contribute something positive back into their community.

The Fade hair salon hold a competition in which you can win a free haircut and color!

 For more information on how to participate in this contest visit the Fade hair salon website.

For more information on this project, please visit: http://www.fadehairsalon.com/about-us/

Book: STREETS OF GLASS, written by Jay Maclean and Tracy Simonsen is a novel about 

the triumph of love over hate for teen readers published in 2008 by Orca Books, [Orca Book Publishers]. 

It was published in English and Italian and translated into 14 other languages. 

It was named as one of Kirkus Reviews (Top Teen Books of 2008) and as one of Canadian Toy Testing Council’s (CTTC) 

top books for teens to read over the summer…

Film: Streets of Glass was optioned to be made into a movie by a Montreal film company called Blowup Entertainment. 

Blowup Entertainment is dedicated to helping young and talented filmmakers create

 their feature films using resources and services that were not previously available.


The film, entitled “Into Great Silence”, took over six years to complete. 

Television: Jay Maclean and Tracy Simonsen’s second book together, “The Big Lie”, 

Fake Empire Productions is committed to adding more original productions in the US market. 

They are not restricted to Canadian content, so their mandate is open-ended, 

which allows them creative freedom in their creative approach to producing quality television programming. 

The film received an award of excellence from the Canadian Production Association (CPA) in 2009. who scripted boho salon

CPA also awarded the film with “Most Promising Narrative Feature Film” at its Holiday Gala Award Ceremony.

 The Big Lie was short-listed for Best Foreign Film at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival.

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