April 14, 2024

Website Visitor Tracking Guide

Website Visitor Tracking Guide

Your marketing department becomes more productive if you can analyze your traffic and gain more value from visitors. Why? Because they concentrate.

Your existing lead generation initiatives will provide sales teams with more quality leads. They won’t need to invest in new channels to generate leads; they may nurture existing leads.

How can you avoid missing sales chances and encourage site visitors to buy?

98 % of non-converting website traffic will be revealed by online user tracking software. It helps you locate (and close) unrealized opportunities.

What is visitor monitoring on a website?

You can check Google Analytics, but don’t you want to know who views your pages? Who they are, where they work, and if they’re a viable lead?

Website analytics tools allow this.

Tracking software offers information about website visitors not accessible in Google Analytics. Sales and marketing teams may access firm names and contact information for important persons to develop accurate client profiles.

This helps you produce and convert more high-quality leads.

Why? Because:

  • Data helps marketing teams design better strategies. They can see what content their top prospects are engaged with, which traffic sources bring more ideal consumers to the site, generate more leads from existing visitors, and create more powerful ABM campaigns.
  • Sales teams are supplied with business names of persons searching to locate warm leads seeking your product or service. This lowers the need for aggressive sales approaches (like cold calling) and saves time locating prospects. They’re more efficient and can concentrate on revenue-boosting leads.

Companies with integrated sales and marketing had 36% greater customer retention and 38% higher sales win rates.

How does this affect your business?

You may produce quality leads without raising media expenditure. By refining your approach with sales department input, you may concentrate more on channels that attract ideal clients to your site.

That’ll help narrow the gap between the 2% of website visitors who convert and the 99% who don’t.

How to monitor website visitors?

How does visitor tracking discover company names? You don’t need computer knowledge to comprehend.

1. DNS Reverse (rDNS)

Most Internet-connected devices have a reverse DNS record. Website visitor monitoring, like Leadfeeder, employs reverse DNS to locate company IP addresses.

Why? Visitor monitoring software may filter out ISPs, bots, and spammy traffic, leaving you with a list of legitimate firms.

2. Script

Installing a script on your website captures visitor data. Your program will then disclose which firms visit your site. The data is then enhanced with publicly accessible firm information, such as:

  • Employee numbers
  • Address
  • Website
  • Social media profiles
  • Company contacts

3. Synchronizing tools

Do you keep lead data? Integrate your CRM, marketing automation software, and communication tools to learn more about website visitors.

If an ideal customer visits Company A’s website, you have two options:

  • Create a new organization in your CRM, so your sales team can monitor them and marketing can design stronger ABM campaigns.
  • If the company is already in your CRM, sync the website browsing data to create a more thorough lead profile.

You have a better awareness of the businesses accessing your website and a strategy to convert them straight from your CRM, even if they don’t have a profile.

How can visitor tracking promote expansion?

Great! You may track website visitors, correlate company names with clicks, and learn about website operations. How can you utilize this in growth marketing?

  • Lead development

With website monitoring, you can detect high-value prospective leads going through your funnel, synchronize them with your CRM, and send them on to your sales teams for nurturing.

  • The marketing funnel

People go through a journey before they buy a product or service, so you probably have a marketing funnel to develop each lead.

You can use the custom funnel builder for your observations if you collect data about your customers’ website activity at every important level of collecting information about your purchases.

  • Account-based marketing (ABM)

87 % of B2B marketers agree that ABM provides a greater return on investment than other marketing activities, and organizations currently using ABM make 200 % more income from their marketing efforts.

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