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What is Taiwan Tech Trek?

What is Taiwan Tech Trek?

It’s finally time for taiwan tech trek 2017 . Tech Trek is the annual student-led international engineering, technology, business innovation and entrepreneurship conference organized by the Association of Information Technology Professionals in Taiwan (AITP).

 This year’s event will be held in Taipei from 4-7 September at National Taiwan University.

The keynote speakers are Dr. John Chambers, John Chambers Foundation Chairman & CEO of Cisco Systems Inc.; Tais San Tseng, Executive Vice President & COO of Nanya Technology Corporation; Gary Yunfei Chen, CEO & Founder of Faraday Innovation Group Holdings Corp.

The theme of this year’s event is “Transforming the Digital Industry”. 

The tech trek will be a forum for tech entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts all around the world to exchange insights and experiences, network with each other, and build a global community dedicated to encouraging tech entrepreneurship. 

This year marks AITP’s 25th anniversary.

Tech Trek 2017 will provide an international platform for tech entrepreneurs, investors, educators and public officials to share ideas on how to sustain innovation through business models that benefit everyone by bringing people together under shared values.

The event will also serve as an opening ceremony for Taiwan’s participation in the World Technology Summit (WTS), which is scheduled to be held in Vietnam from 22-25 September 2017.

Facts about Taiwan Trek :

1. Taiwan Trek is the first AITP event held outside of Taiwan – 

A chance to bring the AITP spirit and Taiwan’s advancements in technology to the international community

2. The conference will be hosted by National Taiwan University.

It is one of the highest ranked universities in Asia. Doing so helps to increase Taiwan’s global profile and improve its reputation as a destination for higher education.

3. Taiwan Trek is the perfect opportunity to promote Taiwan’s brand – 

Taiwan is one of the best places in Asia for high-tech startups and innovation, while also having some of the world’s highest internet speed and penetration rates.

4. Taiwan’s tech industry showcases its accomplishments – 

Taiwan has ranked in the top 10 countries for start-ups, while its innovative new technologies are on display at popular consumer electronics show CES annually.

5. Taiwan Trek helps Taiwan to attract international students – 

Several of the scheduled speakers will be sharing their experiences as international students and how Taiwan was an invaluable part of their education. Students can also expect to learn about the numerous opportunities that Taiwan has to offer.

6. Taiwanese startups can gain international exposure by participating in this event – 

This year’s event is sponsored by many prominent global companies including Google, Tencent, Samsung, Yahoo! Japan, Softbank Ventures Korea, NTT DoCoMo Ventures, Global Brain Corporation and more. Startups will have a chance to showcase their works at the Startup Showcase area.

7. An annual event – 

The chance to meet new peers and friends ,students will get the chance to network with corporate leaders and government officials.

8. The mission of this event is to promote entrepreneurship in Taiwan .

It is done by bringing together industry leaders, educators, entrepreneurs, investors, high school students and college students for an exchange of ideas .

 Inspiring entrepreneurship through the exchange of ideas is the ultimate goal of Taiwan Tech Trek. 

This year’s speakers represent some of the most influential companies in the world. 

They are committed to promoting entrepreneurship worldwide through various initiatives, including creating jobs for young people in poor countries or helping new companies find funding or mentoring ..

By helping students to define their own future, Taiwan Tech Trek hopes to inspire students who are passionate about technology to explore opportunities in the high-tech industry.

1. The world’s largest global conference on technology – 

Tech Trek has grown over the last 24 years and has become the world’s largest conference on technology innovation, entrepreneurship and business management .

 It provides a platform for students and professionals in the fields of IT, internet marketing , electronics, engineering , computer science entrepreneurship , science and innovation could come together . 

It also presents an opportunity for Taiwan to promote its innovative spirit across the world .

2. More than 250 students will participate in this event – 

The conference is held every year at National Taiwan University, one of the highest ranked universities in Asia.

3. We believe that technology can solve our greatest challenges- 

Technology can change the world around us. Technology creates jobs, spurs innovation and drives progress.

 That’s why we host Taiwan Tech Trek to inspire students to create technology that is useful to everyone. We hope they become entrepreneurs who will use their knowledge to build a better future for themselves and others. 

This conference inspires young people who love technology, so they can use their ideas, skills and passion to solve some of society’s biggest problems .

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