April 15, 2024

Where You Can Effectively Use Printed Booklets In Your Marketing Strategy

Where You Can Effectively Use Printed Booklets In Your Marketing Strategy

Booklets should play a key role in your marketing strategy. While many believe that digital marketing firmly rules the roost, print marketing still plays an important role that should not be overlooked. Printed booklets, in particular, offer many benefits for businesses of all kinds and sizes. High-quality booklets are digestible, cheap to produce, easy to distribute, offer longevity and create a strong connection with consumers lacking in digital advertising. In addition, getting booklets printed is easy—there are dozens of highly-rated booklet printing services available to print your booklets.

The Benefits of Printed Booklets

Printed booklets are a popular way for businesses to promote their products and services because they are easy to distribute, cheap to produce, and build trust with consumers. 

Cheap to produce

Booklets are cheap to produce if you order them in bulk. Ordering several hundred or thousands of booklets at a time will allow you to benefit from a bulk order discount, meaning each copy is cheaper than it would be if you only ordered a few copies. Additionally, you also have significant control over the materials used to create your booklet, meaning you can opt for cheaper options to save money.

Builds trust and creates a connection

Did you know that consumers generally trust print marketing more than digital media? In addition, consumers gain a better understanding of the content they read on paper over online sources, meaning a deeper connection is created between the consumer and the business.

Easy to distribute

Booklets are also easy to distribute—they can be posted through letterboxes, handed out at events or displayed in public spaces for passersby to pick up and digest.

How to Distribute Printed Booklets

A key benefit of booklets is that they are easy to distribute. But where are the best places to distribute booklets to have the highest chance of getting a return on your investment?


Many businesses will have booklets printed before they attend an event, such as a conference or a trade show. During an event, you can simply leave booklets on the table in your booth for interested passersby to pick up, or you can hand them to people after you’ve chatted to them about your brand. The beauty of handing out leaflets at an event is that it produces high customer engagement, as you’ve already piqued their interest before they’ve even opened the booklet!


Another great use of booklets is to summarise a presentation. A booklet summarising your presentation visualises your presentation points, encourages the audience to ask follow-up questions and provides credibility. Even after your presentation ends, audience members can refresh their memory on your main points by reading your booklet. 

Public spaces

Placing your booklet in a public space with plenty of footfall will increase the likelihood that people will pick them up and take them home. There is no shortage of places where you can distribute your booklets, including shopping centres, coffee shops, doctors’ surgeries, train stations, and other similar locations. Make sure to seek the permission of the establishment owner before distributing leaflets in certain locations, such as private businesses.

Business to business

A great way to increase the reach of your leaflets is to foster good relationships with other businesses in your industry. You may be able to come to a mutually beneficial deal where a neighbouring business displays your leaflets in their establishment if you display theirs. 


You may find it beneficial to distribute leaflets door-to-door. However, the practice is more beneficial to businesses with a targeted local audience. For example, if you run a window cleaning business that is confined to one town, a door-to-door leaflet campaign would be incredibly beneficial. On the other hand, if you run an eCommerce shop that serves customers across the UK, a door-to-door campaign might not yield good results.

In Summary

Distributing booklets is a beneficial practice for businesses of all kinds. However, you need to make sure that you’re distributing your booklets in the right places if your target audience is going to engage with them. By handing out booklets at events and presentations, you can connect with highly engaged customers. Alternatively, by displaying booklets in public spaces and making mutually beneficial deals with local businesses to display booklets in your respective premises, you have the chance to improve the reach of your marketing materials.

Finally, if you and your team have the availability to do so, distributing booklets door-to-door might be a beneficial practice. However, doing this only makes sense for businesses targeting the local community. Online booklet printing services make getting high-quality booklets printed easier than ever, with all the sizing, finish and binding options to choose from. Many excellent printing companies today offer a range of customisation options and fast delivery, allowing you to get your booklets in front of customers quickly.

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