April 15, 2024

Why This Health Trend From the ’90s Needs to Make a Comeback

Why This Health Trend From the ’90s Needs to Make a Comeback

In the 90’s, being gluten-free meant you were on a diet. These days, it means you have celiac disease or some other form of gluten intolerance.

 In the 90s, being vegan meant ordering something from an expensive health food store — as if tofu had anything to do with health! These days, it’s mainstream and can be found in any old place (even your favorite fast food restaurant!)

There’s no question that this trend needs to make a comeback; not least because people are getting sick!

Gluten intolerance is linked to anemia and pancreatic cancer; celiac diseases can cause malnutrition and bone weakening.

If you want to know why this trend needs to make a comeback, be sure to read on Campus Doc!

What It Was Born Of:

The rise of the health food store, and our obsession with healthy food. When I was a fat kid, I loved things that were ‘good for you’, and told myself that sugar was bad  and now we’ve gone and ruined fresh vegetables and whole grain breads with chemicals and antibiotics. We’ve probably done more damage than good.

We are too concerned about nutrition. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc. were all thought to be avoidable.

 All that needs to happen is follow the ‘rules’ or you’ll end up sicker! Childhood illnesses are the result of our busy lifestyle. We should stop doing things that make us feel rushed and learn to take it easy!

What It Needs To Be:

If we’re going to move forward with being vegan, we should start eating bugs instead of chickens.. as a first step! Maybe as a change from the fried food thing?

 I’m not sure how it would taste, but I reckon you’d feel good eating natural – and it’s healthy! Let’s get back to the basics. 

We don’t have to be perfect. No one’s watching our diet for us.. so let’s eat what tastes good, even if it isn’t healthy or natural!

 Let’s get back to eating what we want – when we want. I’m not saying people should go back to eating unhealthy food; but they should be able to make small exceptions in their diet when they want them, and not feel like it is wrong!

Reason of comeback of 90s Health trend :

1. Gluten-Free & Vegan Trend

Still popular eating habits in 2012, but not successful to promote health. Credited with inspiring plenty of people to start eating veggie burgers (vegan), but gluten-free is more specific.

2. Farm-To-Table Food Changes

Small farms are booming, causing old ways of thinking about food to change. Big farms are on the way out, so farmers’ markets are on the rise! 

Many people are finding that chemical additives aren’t good for their bodies – so they look for organic food! This is no longer a trend – it’s mainstream.

3. Low-Fat Diet Craze

Guilty! This is the change that so many people turn to, choosing to eat low fat instead of healthy! 

Though this made no real difference – it’s what we all started eating at once. Low-fat foods, such as these chocolate cookies, are still full of chemicals and preservatives.

4. Low-Calorie Food Craze

This is a trend that everyone knows has been a failure because the weight gained from all that processed food is not much fun to lose! 

Not many people stick with it.. still a good idea though, as calorie control is critical for diabetes management.

5. Eating Healthy Doesn’t Always Mean It’s Easy

If we’re going to eat a lot of veggies, we’re going to have to buy a lot of vegetables – and those aren’t the easiest things in the world to store.

 If it means everyone is going to have a bag full of apples all day, it’s not worth it!

 In general, the diet trends from the 90s were very complex… and as a result, they struggled to stay as successful as they could have been.. because nobody keeps up with their diet for that long anyway!

6. Who Knew Being Vegan Was A Thing?

Times change, and with them, our diets! The 90s trend was very much about eating things that weren’t meat – but to say you were vegan. 

This is still pretty popular today! What do you think about this health trend? 

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