April 19, 2024
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Tumblr the best night blogging

Tumblr the best night blogging

It’s hard to believe, but Tumblr now has over 300 million posts, making it one of the most popular social media sites on the planet.

 That means there are hundreds and thousands of blogs for people with different interests and passions to find exactly what they need.

From blog posts that summarize seasons of their favorite TV shows or detail what you should be buying at your nearest thrift store, we’ve compiled a list of the best of tumblr night blogging 

Whether you’re looking for an interesting read tonight or want something light-hearted to lighten up your day, these blogs range from mythology and travel updates to relationship advice and quirky photography.

Here are some of the best night blogging currently trending on Tumblr right now.

1. This Is Why I’m Broke – thisiswhyimbroke

Interesting read for those who want to shop for clothes on a budget.

2. FreeAppADay – freeappaday

If you have your eye on a new smartphone or tablet, but can’t afford to buy it, check out this blog for the best deals of the week. Maybe you’ll find something that will fit into your budget.

3. The Night Light – nightlightinsonight

There are some things that are just better seen at night. This blog contains beautiful photography captured at night by people who live at different parts of the world via hashtags like #wnyt girl, #candlelit and #omg its raining.

4. Heart and Soul – neo soul

This blog is about far more than just sex. It’s about the vibes, the feelings and the passion that goes into a relationship.

 Starting from her dream man, this blogger breaks down what she wants in a guy and how to get it.

5. Good Vibes Only – good vibes only

The name of this blog says it all.

 This blog is geared toward people who want to focus on positive things and actions, rather than spending their time complaining about life’s annoyances or problems they might be having at work or with friends.

6. The Power of Words – wordsofwisdom

This blogger offers some words of wisdom to anyone who would like to improve their vocabulary. 

Perfect for people who want to get ahead in their careers or try to impress someone, this blog is a resource for you to expand your vocabulary and show off your skills in a meaningful way.

7. Before They Pass Away – before they pass away

This blog has over 120 photographs from the Amazon rainforest, including close-up shots of distinct species of birds and animals that are hard to find anywhere else in the world.

 It’s a good one for animal lovers and anyone with a passion for photography.

8. Out and About – out and about blog

This blog is crafted by people who want to make sure you don’t miss the next big concert, party or event in your city. 

With up-to-date information on everything from movie premieres to new restaurants opening up in the area, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on this one.

9. Street Art Utopia – street art utopia

These galleries capture some of the most unbelievable examples of street art from around the world.

 If you’re a fan of contemporary artist Banksy, artist KAWS or any type of mural, look no further than this blog for your inspiration.

10. Planet Dolan – planet dolan

This blog is a daily compilation of the best videos on the Internet. There are so many videos on this website, you’ll never run out of your favorite ones to watch!

11. We Heart it – weheartit

We Heart It is a great place for photographers and artists: they can showcase their beautiful shots and get feedback from others via comments and likes. 

It’s similar to Pinterest but instead of just collecting, you can also share photos with your contacts.

12. ADWD: The Novel – adwd novel

This blog is updated every day and will be updated with the next chapter of the series when it’s released. If you’re a fan of George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” series, this is a must-bookmark site.

13. Ode to Pizza – pizza omg

If you love food, check out this blog for delicious recipes and photographs from some of the best restaurants in your area, including restaurants that deliver if you’re too tired or lazy to cook dinner yourself.

14. Keep the Peace – keep the peace

This blog is about how to think, act and speak in a peaceful manner, as well as providing different techniques that can help you remain calm and peaceful no matter what kind of situation you’re in. It’s a great one for those who want to feel more content and enjoy life more.

15. The Broke-Ass Bride – thebrokeassbride

If you’re planning on getting married, be sure to check out this blog for money-saving tips and budgeting advice on your wedding day so you don’t go over your budget and risk losing the venue or having guests cancel because of costs.

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