July 15, 2024
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5 best blogging apps for iphone

5 best blogging apps for iphone

People with iPhones and iPads usually have a go-to blogging app that they use to maintain their blog. Some of these apps are free, while others charge a modest yearly fee. 

This article will take a look at the 5 best blogging apps for iphone and what sets them apart from one another. 

Later in this post I will share with you my personal experience with various blogging apps, so hopefully you leave with some good info.

 For many bloggers, one of the most difficult aspects can be creating content on a regular basis. 

Not only is it time-consuming to create new posts each day (even if that content is short), but it can feel like an impossible task at times. 

First of all, if you are considering blogging or related activities like podcasting or vlogging (video blogging), blogging apps for iphone come in handy. 

Bloggers use these apps to write posts quickly and check out what is happening in the blogosphere, among other things. 

The 5 best blogging apps for iphone are:

* WordPress (WordPress.com, $39.99 per year) – 

This is by far the most popular blogging app and the best one to use if you already have a site hosted on WordPress.com and want to migrate it to your phone. 

This app comes with a built-in version of WordPress and you don’t need any additional software or third-party apps for this. 

It also features a nifty way to write new posts into the app itself, so there is no need to open the site on your phone and go through all those steps just to write a new post. 

The WordPress app for iphone is free, but the WordPress.com fee will vary depending on what you get.

 You can get hosting for your existing blog, or sign up for the service. Obviously, the former is cheaper than the latter. 

WordPress is the most popular blogging app platform in the world. 

It has millions of users, so it comes with a vibrant community of fellow bloggers who are eager to help you out when you run into problems. 

The WordPress app for iphone is available in two versions: one for WordPress.com users, and another one for self-hosted WordPress blogs. 

The advantage of using the WordPress app to manage your existing site is that it comes with all the features that you need to run your blog successfully.

* Blogger (Google, $0) – 

This is a free blogging platform and supports all kinds of blogs such as private blogs as well as those that are public .

 It comes with all the features that you’ll need to run a successful blog and has responsive design that works excellently on mobile devices. 

The latest version has a much better user interface than before, so if you are looking for a simple blog app, this is the one to use.

 You can easily customize your blog with some cool widgets. 

The upside of this app is that it supports editing on the go, so you can post on your blog whenever you feel like it. 

It comes with features like posting links on Facebook and Twitter, as well as having direct links to social media sites for quick sharing. 

* Typepad (Fastspot, $19.95 per year) – 

This blogging app lets you read and edit your blog posts in a mobile environment. 

You can fully customize your blog with custom themes to give it that personalized touch. 

The Typepad app for iOS lets you write in Markdown format for quick text editing on the go. 

* Tumblr (Tumblr Inc., free) – 

This is another great blogging app for iPhone and iPad users alike.

 This blogging app lets you create your blog quickly and is also very easy to use. You can connect this app to Tumblr, or create a new account.

 This blog has all the bells and whistles that most bloggers will want to see in their apps. 

* Zoho (Zoho Corp, freemium) – 

This app makes it easy to create blogs quickly and lets you connect it to many other web tools. 

You can alert your followers about blog posts by sending them SMS or email messages.

 If you are looking for a blog app that is flexible, this is the one to go with. 

If you want to know more about these 5 best blogging apps for iphone, just keep on reading through this blog post.

 I will give you an overview of what each one of them has to offer for bloggers. 

First of all, let’s take a look at the two most popular blogging platforms in the world: WordPress and Blogger. 

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