July 15, 2024

All details about Spicy Stew OSRS

All details about Spicy Stew OSRS

Hello everyone! If you’re looking for a spicy stew osrs spin, then Spicy Stew is for you. This is a casual osrs private server with the following features:

– Seamless combat and gathering skills, all in one go.

– Consistent content updates to give you something fresh each month.

– A friendly community that will welcome anyone new to the game with open arms. 

– Dedicated player moderators who are here to help out if anything goes amiss.

So come on down and get your hands dirty with some Spicy Stew!

Information about Spicy Stew OSRS :

1. What is the goal of S.S.?

We want to make a runescape private server in which our players can enjoy in-game incidents in a continuous way in the long run. 

We want to provide players with an extra benefit for their time spent on the server, better than other servers that give you some kind of rewards or just give you one track content. 

So by making multiple different minigames and miniquests, we aim to provide our players with fresh content every month. 

Also, we try to solve some game-breaking bugs that existed back when RS3 was still in the beta phase.

2. When will S.S. be available?

We are hoping to release the game around September of this year, but it is not sure yet. As of today, we will be having a closed beta test on our forums where members can sign up to play test version 1.0. 

We are hoping that the cycle of updates will end up being weekly rather than biweekly or monthly given that there are now more developers together now working on Spicy Stew OSRS which means that they can help each other out further with any issues or problems that may come up with Spicy Stew OSRS version 1.0.

3. How much will S.S. cost? What type of payment model will be adopted?

The current cost is €5 per month (€4 for members) and the membership lasts one year (12 months). 

We hope to increase this amount to €6 or €7 as we grow and expand the ranks, but this would depend on how well Spicy Stew OSRS performs in the long run. Currently, it is about 230,000 RS gold per month.

4. What is your average volume of players?

Our current monthly average number of players is about three thousand (3k), however any number below or above this will not really affect the performance since we will try to deliver consistent updated content to our players in contrast to other servers which might deliver lower-than-expected updated content over time. 

We also have an official discord server that has almost 2000 members in it, and hopefully that will help grow the community size in the long run.

5. What is the purpose of Spicy Stew OSRS?

Spicy Stew OSRS’ main goal is to have a server with a vast amount of fully-working content and many lores and stories for players to experience. 

We strive to provide our players with a feeling of freedom, a sense of achievement after completing a quest line or an event, and most importantly a truly unique-experience which is made by us here at SSOSRS.

6. What will be the highest level that you will have in your game?

We want to go as high as 120, but if we do this then we will most likely have every skill at 120 every year. If we do so, this will give our players a lot of content to play with. Our current max level is 80.

7. What are the future plans for Spicy Stew OSRS?

First of all to finish Spicy Stew OSRS version 1.0, and then after that to continue adding more content on a monthly basis.

 We intend to deliver at least one update per month if not two or three, depending on how busy we are or what issues might come up during development of an update. 

We always try to make the game as bug-free as possible by using multiple testers for each content (if possible) and also fixing any reported bugs as soon as they are found. 

We do not want to disappoint our players by releasing an update with a lot of bugs.

8. How many players are currently in your game?

Currently, 1,839 members are currently on Spicy Stew OSRS. This number will probably rise as more join after the launch of S.S. version 1.0.

9. What languages are you planning to support?

The languages that we are planning to support are English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish (we do not yet have German for this game but if it will be requested then we will definitely consider supporting it). 

Of course, this depends on how well the server runs in the long run and how many people want to play with us in their native language compared to other languages offered by us.

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