June 24, 2024

6 Counterintuitive Tips for Crushing Your Marketing Cartoons Goal

6 Counterintuitive Tips for Crushing Your Marketing Cartoons Goal

Marketing cartoons are a fantastic way to communicate your ideas, improve brand awareness, and amplify your messaging. But even the most talented marketing cartoonists face many challenges- so much so that a new study found that almost half of them have more than one day per week when they feel blocked creatively. We’re here to help! In this article, we present 6 counterintuitive tips for overcoming creative blocks. Read on to discover how obscure knowledge could be the key to bringing your marketing cartoons from good to great!

#1: Revisit the Past

In the marketing cartooning world, not all past works are created equal. Some cartoons were created with a clear vision, while others were merely sketches that didn’t turn into anything more than a crumpled ball of paper.

But you can effectively turn even the most unfinished work into something more valuable. Gather all of your sketchbooks and work on these cartoons from start to finish. While you may have a hard time completing them at first, you can use this time to practice and create stronger cartoon ideas that will help you hone your skills further down the road.

#2: Prioritize Your Goals

We all know that overwhelm can kill the creative process. If you have too many things to do at once, it’s easier to procrastinate and end up never working on anything at all. But if you don’t prioritize your goals, you might find yourself spending a great deal of time simply deciding what your next cartoon will be about.

When you only have a few goals in mind, it becomes easier to make decisions and move forward. Use this strategy to create a detailed list of what you want to accomplish. You should also consider when you want to achieve each one so that you can see a clear path for yourself.

#3: Develop Your Unique Style

One of the biggest issues that prevents marketing cartoonists from achieving their goals is the fear of looking amateurish without their unique style. This can be avoided by identifying your strongest drawing skills before you begin work in earnest.

For instance, some people may have the ability to draw realistic images while others prefer more cartoony styles. Do your absolute best to work with what feels right, and don’t be afraid to look at your favorite marketing cartoons as guides.

#4: Avoid Overthinking

Do you find yourself constantly thinking about the next marketing cartoon idea? If so, you may be putting too much weight on the outcome of a single work. In fact, studies show that overthinking can actually hinder creativity.

Instead of trying to come up with a new and innovative idea every time, work on improving your marketing cartooning skills to make your ideas more polished and engaging. It’s a process that will take time, but the results are worth it.

#5: Tackle One Piece at a Time

When you have many ideas in mind, it can be difficult to decide which one to work on first. Instead of putting all of your energy into working on a single cartoon, break these ideas up into pieces until they’re completed. You’ll end up making progress faster if you keep working on just one piece at a time.

This strategy also has the added benefit of giving you some breathing room so that you won’t feel pressured to finish everything in an hour or two.

#6: Think Back to the Past

Sometimes, new ideas are a direct result of staring at older cartoons. When you’ve had some time to think back on your past works, you may be able to make some improvements. But don’t feel bad about revisiting old cartoons when it comes time to create a new one. Even the best marketing cartoonists get stuck every now and then!


There you have it! 6 counterintuitive tips for crushing your marketing cartooning goals. Using these tips will help you find a successful path forward with your work, and you’ll leave with a more polished collection of cartoons that are ready to be shared on social media.

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