May 30, 2024

10 Different Ways to Win More Business: Winery Marketing

10 Different Ways to Win More Business: Winery Marketing

Winery Marketing – The most important thing any company must do to succeed is market its products! There are many different aspects to winery marketing.

Here are 10 marketing techniques that will help you win more customers and valuable business growth.

1) Customize your company’s logo with different and iconic designs for every region or location of the world. For example, if branding is important to your business, create a custom watermark in every country of the world as well as on each bottle of wine.

2) Build your own website and make it easy for everyone to use. Use videos to show off your company’s expertise, or create an about page where your business can tell the story that needs to be told. Allow visitors complete access to all the information they need regarding where you are, what you do, how you do it and why they should buy from you.

3) Keep in touch by posting on Facebook and Twitter at least once a day. This will help build your social media presence while letting more customers know about what is happening inside of your winery. Customers also use these venues to ask questions and share their thoughts with other interested parties.

4) Speak at industry events. Attend these events to learn as much as you can about what is new in the world of winemaking. Keep a list of questions that are curious or that you have for the winery owners, and ask them in person. Selling wine at these events may not be your goal, but getting to know other winemakers well can be a goal unto itself.

5) Market directly to other wineries by joining your local Winery Association as well as e-mailing others who have joined recently. These associations serve to connect you with regional groups of local winemakers, and many provide funding for marketing assistance like wine tasting parties, brochures or website assistance from association professionals.

6) Make your winery a destination by creating an interesting experience for the buyer. Creating events that encourage repeat customers is important for the success of a winery, and these events will make more buyers consider your wine and brand when making their next purchase.

7) Spread the word by handing out one piece of business card to every winemaker you meet. Share your contact information on this card, as well as any upcoming events or other promotions that you’re hosting at your winery.

8) Write an eBook about all things wine-related and place it on sites like Amazon and iTunes for free download. This will not only generate a lot of sales, it will cement your reputation as an expert and expertly detail all the factors of the wine-making process.

9) Create a blog about your wine business and invite everyone to visit at least once. This way, you can create conversation with your target market and share stories from people who have experienced similar problems or are happy with your service. Share one or two articles each day that are relevant for many wine lovers, so your blog can become a place where people go to find information about wine-making.

10) Make it easy for people to take their business elsewhere. People don’t want to see any harm come to their favorite winery, and if they can’t get the service or wine they want there, you should provide an easy way for them to stop buying from there. Your target market typically uses the internet for these kinds of services, and if you provide a list of all your competitors’ websites on your contact page, people will have no problems leaving you for one of your competitors.


Winery marketing can be a fun and effective process to use when trying to sell more wine. The tips above can help anyone learn to market their business better and grow their customer base. If you need more information or something else, don’t hesitate to contact a local expert or a professional marketing consultant. One of them should be able to help you meet all of your goals.” 

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