April 19, 2024

Reason why ban call hawk the “Master”

Reason why ban call hawk the “Master”

The bird is the master.

It is not enough to know how to call birds; it is necessary to act like a bird. The master will never stay in the cage, 

always outsmart the hunter, and sometimes lose its life for it. It has understanding of other creatures, 

an ability to see things other humans cannot, and an understanding of how others think and feel. 

But most importantly, it knows that there are infinite opportunities for life on earth which must be pursued with determination 

 dedication because if this one chance slipped by then all hope would be lost at any other point in time through eternity itself.

Then it will fly to the extent of its wings,

Until it has reached the end of the sky.

Hawk is mad; it chases sparrows, hates cocks, and cares for nothing under heaven. worries only about itself.

 It does not care what others do to it or say about it (the hawk) whatever it pleases – takes 

what it wants when it wants because there are no restrictions on its behavior in nature. The hawk is in charge. 

And in the wild bird world the hawk’s behavior almost always wins out over other birds in competition for food or nesting sites.

When it is nesting time, the hawk will take over another bird’s territory. It will then fight other birds for that territory. 

The hawk does not let up, never gives up, always refuses to budge an inch. Even the smallest of birds are forced to defend themselves 

they are too small to win against the huge size of the hawk. If they do not fight back, they will be driven out or eaten by the hawk.

It is interesting to note that in nature there are no winners or losers; only victors and vanquished…

 but this is not about winning-the-war-but-the-game between predator and prey… this is about winning the contest of life itself. 

The hawk is the master. Hawk is infinity.

Hawk has no mercy; it kills for fun; or revenge; it kills to win; it doesn’t care if its prey does not fight back, 

never mind how it feels about being killed, so long as they are not stronger than itself…

Some birds try to hide from the hawk by taking flight, but the flight only does two things: 1) It draws attention toward itself,

 2) It makes the bird look bigger and thus weaker than he believes he actually is which attracts 

the attention of the hawk even more who then attacks for sheer pleasure or out of sheer anger or both.

It is said that the hawk’s attitude toward its prey is not one of love or hatred, but indifference.

The hawk lets the prey know that it has arrived by his screeching cry. It circles high in the sky over the prey’s territory, 

hears its voice, and begins to dive down… whether it feels animosity towards his quarry or not – who can say?

 But one thing for sure: The calling of a hawk has a clear purpose…

If it does feel animosity toward his quarry – probably because he was once prey –

 feelings of revenge come to mind as he swoops down on him.

 If the hawk does not feel animosity toward his quarry, he will enjoy the fight. Hawks are known for this.

The fact that the hawk is completely indifferent to anything that happens to its prey shows that it is ready to pay any price for what it wants. 

Nothing will hold it back. It has determination of purpose and indomitable spirit, which are the dominating factors in the dominating of others.

.. This is what gives dominance – supremacy over all other creatures; this drive for control etc., etc., is why Hawk can’t be defeated…

The hawk’s cry sounds like this: “Hooooo-hah. Hooo-hah. Hooo-hah.”

The hawk brings to mind the image of a man who stands in the middle of the road,

 indifferent to all that goes on around him, not caring who he hurts or what he destroys or who he kills…why does ban call hawk master

He is in charge; everyone must yield the right of way to him. This is why he rules all things under heaven.

 Nothing can stop him. The bird is the master with no equal in nature. He rules with an indomitable spirit, 

yet with weakness that cannot be comprehended by others. His cry sounds like this: “Hooooo-hah, Hooo-hah, Hooo-haaah.” 

The hawk is pandemonium…

He seems to be self-confident, so much so that his self-assurance is demonstrated by the way 

he moves and the proud manner in which he carries himself…

The hawk is so full of himself that his clumsiness, awkwardness and stupidity are all invisible to him.

Hawk wants what it wants when it wants because it knows nothing other than itself. 

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