June 19, 2024

The Girl who was in the raisin bran fishing commercial

When you think of raisin bran cereal, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? For many people, it’s a young girl who happily dips her fishing pole into a vat of cereal. 

But the company behind the commercial has never revealed her identity. What might have happened to her? The mystery has been unsolved for 15 years now!

If you’re interested in this fun little tidbit, you’ll love our article about who this girl is and why she appeared in the commercial all those years ago. 

It’s something that has bothered avid viewers for decades now! If you know who she is or have any theories on why they’ve never told us then please leave your thoughts below…

who is the girl in the raisin bran fishing commercial ?

Some people believe that the girl was an actress hired by the cereal company to portray a fantasy. 

Others think that she was just a random child who appeared in the commercial and it took off as a joke or as a viral hit. 

And as much as we’d like to know for sure, we’ll likely never find out. It’s one of those small mysteries of life, isn’t it?

 And if she ever reveals her identity, we’ll be sure to make the announcement on our blog! Thanks for reading and please share with anyone who you think might be interested in this fun little mystery.

Where is the girl in the raisin bran fishing commercial taken?

The location is not specified, but it seems to be one of those backdrops that give the impression of a suburban street at night. 

It’s seen at night and it’s pretty cloudy, so maybe it’s a little cloudy city. The setting gives off an outdoor feeling that makes you want to run out into the streets to catch some fish or anything that might come out of the water! 

Anyway, if you’re interested in why this mysterious girl appears in this commercial, then feel free to scroll down and read our article about The Girl who was in the raisin bran fishing commercial.

Facts about raisin bran fishing commercial :

1. In 1997, an eagle-eyed viewer shot a girl fishing in the raisin bran commercial. This was taken at 8:20 pm. The time of day isn’t specified, so it could have been daylight or night time.

2. The girl is a brunette with a blonde/brown pixie haircut and she wears a blue top and green shorts.

 It appears that she’s holding a fishing pole or rod in her left hand as well as holding up to her chest an object that she’s placed into the water.

 Her right hand is held behind her back as though there has been some kind of mishap, such as dropping the fishing line out of his bag.

3. The commercial was aired for the first time on 9 May 1997 and it was seen by 1.1 Million people! It was aired 19 times in all.

 In fact, the raisin bran fishing commercial became the biggest selling raisin bran cereal advertisement of all time!

4. Producer Jim Martin thought that the girl should have been a boy because it would have been more interesting to see a man fishing in a commercial, but it never happened that way because this girl was a girl!

5. Any theories as to who this girl might have been? 

Well, you’d have to have seen the production crew there filming her so you’ll know if she’s from your neighbourhood or not. You can still leave a suggestion though!

What happened to the girl who was in the raisin bran fishing commercial ?

We’re not sure what happened to her after the production of raisin bran commercials ended, but we’re pretty sure she became a lawyer or a high school teacher or maybe an artist with a strange sense of humor. 

It’s hard to believe that this girl has been waiting for someone as mysterious as this for over 15 years now. 

Maybe she’s a non-profit artist and she has to hand out raisin bran to her fellow American citizens before they can eat it. Who knows!

 Anyway, if you’d like to leave a comment on The Girl who was in the raisin bran fishing commercial, then feel free to do so below.

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