what does mars mean for your love life?

If you’re wondering what Mars in Aries has to do with your love life, the answer is a lot.  When it comes to matters of the heart, Aries is known for brashly going after what they want and not being afraid to take

al pacino shouts “hoo ah!”- the story of the ‘scent’

Nowadays, it’s not unusual for brands to launch their own signature scents.  And while this may seem like an expensive marketing tactic, it can work really well.  Take for example “Oceanus Procellarum” by the fragrance house called Surrender To Chance. This signature scent

5 signs you maybe in a toxic friendship

You may just be a really good friend, but that doesn’t mean you’re getting everything you need out of your relationships.  Take the time to step back and evaluate your friendships, and see if there are any signs that they might not be

You Will Never Thought That Owning A Video Game Could Be So Beneficial!

So you’re probably asking yourself “why would I want to own video games?” Well, in this Clean ERSJ article we will go over the top 10 reasons why it is beneficial for everyone to own at least one game.  We will show you

11 Brilliant Tips for Health Newbies

Hello, and welcome to the wonderful world of health! If you’ve just recently started to take an interest in fitness and wellness,  then we have some fantastic tips for you. Here at Fitness Factory we know how tricky it can be when starting

Why is dairy being criticized for being unhealthy?

We’re all aware that dairy, specifically milk, has gotten a bad reputation in recent years for being unhealthy.Yes, the fat content of the liquid makes it a less-than-ideal food to consume in excess.  However, when you break down what’s actually in milk and

HIIT – how it can help you stay fit in short time

One popular training technique is high-intensity interval training (HIIT), which involves a series of short, sharp bursts of activity alternating with a period of less activity.  HIIT has been shown to produce better results in a shorter time frame than standard endurance programs. 

Which is better? Keto diet or vegan diet?

There are many similarities in the Keto diet and Vegan diet, which is why so many people choose these diets.  However, there are also some differences in both of these guiding principles.  This Anony Max describes each diet in detail with food groups,

Here’s My Secret Sauce for Success in Physiological Need to Eat

I know that in order to successfully live my life at a healthy weight and avoid the risk of losing out on joy and functionality in old age,  I’m going to have to learn some new tricks. First, I’ll need to understand what

8 movie about sports to watch when you’re bored at home

Bored at home? Get entertained with these 8 movies about sports.  There’s something for everyone, from a dramatic account of professional baseball to a comedy about backyard volleyball.  12 movie about sports to watch when you’re bored at home are https://macledge.com/ : 1.